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  1. Kwise0788

    LPN or RN Chattahoochee Tech? HELP PLEASE!

    Does anyone know avg. salary of LPN in metro atl?
  2. Kwise0788

    LPN info help

    I would eventually like to become an RN, but the program for an LPN is shorter and I think at this point in time I need to that route first... How is job availability for LPN and what is avg. salary for that in GA (atlanta/north of atlanta area)? Thanks for the help!!
  3. Wondering if good career opportunites available if considering LPN programs? Is Chattahoochee Tech a good school to consider for this program? How long does it take to get LPN? Can one work part-time while attending school? Please help! Thanks!
  4. Kwise0788

    Soon to be new mom needing some help

    Hi, I am a soon to be new mom, and will also be a single mom. I currently work at a church; however, need to find something that will provide a better life for my daughter, and one where we can be comfortable. Definately starting to consider nursing. Hoping someone can help me with some information. I completed one year of college a few years back, but then had some events happen, and had to leave. So, I do have some core classes under my belt, but maybe not all required for nursing. Is going to nursing school doable as a single mom? How long will it take me to get an Associate's in nursing? Can I find decent work with that? Is this a good choice for my daughter and myself? And what programs close to the Alpharetta, Roswell, Dunwoody area are the best? GA Perimeter? I am looking into all of this for starting around next spring/summer, and wanted to know if this was a good way to go? Hope to hear from someone soon... Thanks in advance for your time.