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  1. Nurse suspended for prayer offer

    Maybe my age makes me mello. I trust that most people to want the best for one another, especially nurses. I'm glad I have not come to be cynical and suspicious of the like of someone offering prayer, or burning incense, or waving a staff with feat...
  2. Nice advice! Well done.
  3. Wow!!! Thank YOU for your honesty!!! Honey, most of us feel that way-even me after nearly 20 years in this business. I do have some advise for you. #1-just be honest with everyone around you and even yourself. Don't go acting like a freekin' loo...
  4. Nurse suspended for prayer offer

    I don't get what the big deal is. The nurse offered prayer, just an offering of kindness. Take it or leave it.
  5. Seeking direction in health care

    Go for it! Good for you. You have a degree already, so most of your gen-ed classes will be out of the way. You can probably get the program completeed in 18-24 months. Do NOT get your LPN licence! You must be an RN. It takes such little extra eff...
  6. Sweet Pea, Don't quit! Nursing school is REALLY HARD! But when you've made it through, your belief in yourself will become a important part of your foundation. Everyone feels the stress that you are feeling in nursing school. -please trust me! So...
  7. I do not think I am a good nurse

    Well, I feel your pain. We all feel like we are not good nurses from time to time. In fact, you'll learn some of those times can be lenghty. You are so new in this field! Give yourself time. My greatest concern for you is your reaction to yoursel...
  8. 1st year, need advice !!

    I think you need to listen to your instructor. She is telling you that her testing is patterned after the nclex. I had the tapes (Didn't have CDs in my day), to help me pass my boards, and didn't study anything else. Everytime I got in my car I had...
  9. Would you assist in abortions?

    No, It's just not a good idea. When I was younger in my teens and into my early thirties, I didn't have a problem with a mother's right to choose. As I have matured (and please believe me when I say this, because we all change and think differently...