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  1. Nclex-Rn Tomorrow at 2pm...need prayers!

    Thank you.
  2. Nclex-Rn Tomorrow at 2pm...need prayers!

    Hi everyone Just a quick question. Does everyone who pass the exam pay to look up for unofficial results at Pearson VUE? I mean, is it really matter if you pass and don't look it up?
  3. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    Have you checked your results on the board of nursing you registered with? I worte mine on Tus. and still has no result but my account in the nursing board says I am passed.
  4. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    Yes! It was a pass with 75 questions! Pearson has no updated the results yet the the board if nursing has a passed in my record. Good luck everyone
  5. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    I won't be a good person yet to give advise since still waiting for my results. But if I passed I'll be more than happy to put something here for you.
  6. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    But how that's possible that the system fail with 75 questions when the exam can be 265 questions in total? Doesn't it mean that one is below average so the system recognize it and won't let do further?
  7. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    Can people actually fail on 75 questions?
  8. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    Hello everyone I had my first try today and got 75 questions plus survey. Does it mean it's a pass?
  9. Support group for CRNE June 2011

    whatshouldido I was unsuccessful in June, 2010 CRNE and failed by one mark while left the exam not being able to finish it completely. So I can talk to you from my experience. All the cues are given here by these nice people are valuable, indeed and...
  10. Nclex RN June 2011 lets study together.

    Hello everyone Anyone here used Lippintott's Review for NCLEX-RN or heard anything about using it? I use Kapln Qbank and Lippincott's as the sources for my Questions training and just wondering whether it's a good source to stick with. Thanks for an...
  11. Thoughts from a Kaplan user&NCLEX-RN passer...

    Thank you for your time and effort putting all these together. It's very helpful.
  12. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    Congrads. What resources you used and which one you think really helped you if you don't mind me ask?
  13. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    Hi Winnie How was your experience in last exams you had? What you think you should have or you should focused more? This is my first time writing it. I'm a practicing Rn in Canada and our exam is completely different from NCLEX. Good luck studying.
  14. Anyone taking NCLEX on August???

    Hello everyone I'm writing mine on Aug. 30. Great to see a support group here.
  15. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    What is ATI questions sweetanel3? People here get sooo excited that they don't answer the questions!!! I'm happy for them.