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  1. azusa Pacific University Fall 2017 LVN-BSN

    I will also be applying after I take my TEAS. Best of luck to all of us!
  2. LVN to BSN APU JANUARY 2017

    I'm hoping to apply but need to finish up some courses. Really hoping they'll consider me for the January cohort even if I finish up the last two courses in December.
  3. How was the process of getting Washington to recognize your license? I'm considering it as a LVN in CA but I'm not sure about the process of transferring an Indiana license to California.
  4. Sorry for the late response. I attended their program a few years ago and decided to help out anyone thinking about going. You might be able to get buy in the pre-VN classes but afterward it might be a little harder. Clinicals usually ran till about ...
  5. Failed Nclex PN 3 times, don't know what to do now...

    Don't get yourself down! We can do this! I am in the same boat. I am currently studying waiting to take the test my 4th time later this month. Like everyone has mentioned, you were able to get through school and you will be able to pass this test. Ju...
  6. taking NCLEX-PN in 4 days.. any last min suggestions?

    Just keep your cool and know that you can pass this test. I know how the anxiety can creep on you but you have to be able to take control of it and own it. Most of us on this board have been there and you will do fine. Feel confident in yourself and ...
  7. Im having touble passing NCLEXPN

    I can feel for you my fellow nurse...I too took my NCLEXPN for the third time and did the PVT and failed. Perhaps we can help each other to motivate and pass this together. I might possibly start looking in to different careers.
  8. Flunkers Support Thread

    I should be the president of this thread! I just returned from taking the PN this afternoon at 1PM and felt pretty good afterwards. I knew during the test that there were times I was completely lost but at times felt completely confident in my answe...
  9. How much was your LPN/LVN school?

    Attended Downey Adult school last year...program was 12 months long and cost me $4500. It was a long process though. 3 different stages of elimination and they only took 30 out of maybe 500 applicants. I've spoken to a few students that attend there ...