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    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    For those trying to get into nrn 18 for the bridge program : The bridge program is changing its admission policy starting with fall. You will be given priority based on your score for the advanced placement test. It's not a super easy test either. Plus nrn 18 has a lot of homework. So just be prepared for it.
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    Jobs while being a nursing student

    I do 1 to 1 home Healthcare shifts overnight. It works for me because I am able to study or do what I want in my downtime. I routinely work full time 8 hour shifts. I
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    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    My friend who got in was an alternate, and she didn't find out till about 3 weeks before class started.
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    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    I'm so excited!!! I applied for the advanced placement spring slot. I already passed the AP exam, and was waiting for an invite to test in, and get into the 4th semester. Aparantly a few students didn't pass their second semester, and I got a call from Steve on Thursday inviting me into the third semester (winter) because I was at the top of the list for AP. I'm super excited that I got a spot but, class starts on January 3rd, so I'm having to rush to get everything done on time (and of course the uniforms in my size are on back order).
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    How much do you make 2016

    LVN for 2.5 years. My first job was at an assisted living facility in so Cal making $11/hr. I now work doing home health and make 16.50/hr. I'm sure if I wanted to I could find something that paid more but I like that I only have the same patients and I do a night shift. I'm applying for my schools advanced placement program in fall and if I get in the schedule I work will allow me to work and bring homework with me to my job when things are slow.
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    Riverside Community College Spring 2011

    Im on the 21st as well, and I have around 60 units.
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    What does your username mean?

    I loved watching Aeon flux when I was younger. It was weirdly nonsensical, but perfect. :)
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    Should I buy or rent the Med-Surg Book?

    I always buy my books. I like to be able to highlight and make notes in the book. You cant do that with rentals. Plus, if you need to reference it you still have it. Its like leasing a car..why pay money for something your just giving back.
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    What does your username mean?

    Definition: "A rivethead is a person associated with the industrial music scene. Although industrial music emerged in the post-punk period, the identifiable stereotype of an industrial fan emerged in the 1990s. Dress style is typically militaristic." and I'm a girl.
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    Riverside Community College Spring 2011

    Congrats to everyone that got in. Ive just finished my first semester of the LVN program. Enjoy what free time you have left in your life lols.
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    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Hi everyone, I got accepted to Riverside Community College, in So. Cal. I will be starting the part time LVN program this fall. I am so excited to be starting here. The program I got into only accepts 30 students a year for the pt plan.