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  1. RivetheadGirl

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    For those trying to get into nrn 18 for the bridge program : The bridge program is changing its admission policy starting with fall. You will be given priority based on your score for the advanced placement test. It's not a super easy test either. Plus nrn 18 has a lot of homework. So just be prepared for it.
  2. RivetheadGirl

    Jobs while being a nursing student

    I do 1 to 1 home Healthcare shifts overnight. It works for me because I am able to study or do what I want in my downtime. I routinely work full time 8 hour shifts. I
  3. RivetheadGirl

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    My friend who got in was an alternate, and she didn't find out till about 3 weeks before class started.
  4. RivetheadGirl

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    I'm so excited!!! I applied for the advanced placement spring slot. I already passed the AP exam, and was waiting for an invite to test in, and get into the 4th semester. Aparantly a few students didn't pass their second semester, and I got a call from Steve on Thursday inviting me into the third semester (winter) because I was at the top of the list for AP. I'm super excited that I got a spot but, class starts on January 3rd, so I'm having to rush to get everything done on time (and of course the uniforms in my size are on back order).
  5. I would appreciate any advice, if you have some. I'm currently doing home health as an lvn in southern California with the same two patients for the last year. I love my job and my patients, but my company doesn't pay me enough. I only get 16.5 an hour, and they don't do raises. I'm routinely having to get help covering my bills. This month is especially difficult. Because each patient only gets so many hours a month I usually end up shorted on hours. Some weeks I get 44, and some I get 16-20. I've repeatedly let my office know to call me if I'm off and a shift opens up. But, it rarely happens. I'm really conflicted about trying to find a job at a different company. Part of me feels like I would leave my patients and their families hanging. Also im trying to get into my schools AP RN class in spring. I know it's a way off but im still thinking about time conflicts. And overall what if I go to a new company and hard it?? Thanks again,
  6. RivetheadGirl

    Withdrew from BSN to do LVN (lost and confuse)

    [COLOR=#000000]Hi, I'm going to try and help answer as many of your questions as I can: [/COLOR]________________________________ 2. Will it be easier for me to do LVN first and then go back to RN program? This really depends on you. If you go through a private school for your lvn you will finish quicker, but you will still need to complete all the prerequisits for an asn-rn degree, this will include your sciences, humanities, etc. If you are having some trouble right now, perhaps you would be best to focus on some of those classes. Either way, to get into an LVN program at a CC you will need to complete at least the basic pre-recs, you will often have a better chance for admission to the CC-LVN programs if you have a good majority of the RN pre-recs done because you will get more points towards admisssion(this depends on the school). The other thing that is nice is that many of the non science pre-recs are usually offered online at different CCs 3. If i want to do LVN first and then do the LVN to RN does it matter if i going to attend public school or private school? (many of my friends went to private school for LVN) Please see my answer above. 4. IN order to apply to LVN to RN program at any community colleges or private college do i have to retake HESI and TEAS exam? ​You do not need to take either exam for the LVN program. If you decide to go strait into an RN program, you will have to have every pre-rec completeed and then if they accept your invitation most CCs will invite you to take there version of the HESI or TEAS. 5. Is it true that HESI and TEAS exam level of difficulty various from campus to campus? It took me three attempt to pass the HESI because the math and the reading comprehension. It wasnt required of me to take this so I cant answer, sorry. You probably want to talk to who ever handles admissions for their School of Nursing at whichever school you check out. 6. Does every campus required LVN to RN program students to finish their Chemistry, Microbiology before applying for the program? You dont need to have them completed when you apply (say the admission period is at the start of the semester and you are currently taking your last class) But, your chances of getting admitted with a class still in progress are going to be very low. Its best to have everything complete first. Also, besides chemistry and micro you will need to have 2 semesters of A&P to apply to a CC RN program. Check with your CC because many schools are requiring Biology 1 before taking A&P and Micro now. 7. Can anybody suggest any community college in LA that i can finish my Chemistry and microbiology? Yes, this program offeres science classes, taken over 4 weekends. Check with your school, but most do accept credit from them. The only downside is that each class is around 2000, and in the case of A&P most schools will require you to take them at the same school. ISP - Accelerated College Science Program Courses & Classes 8. For those who take chemistry and microbiology do you have an online assignment or everything is done in class with none online assignments , and do you have to do a lot of difficult conversions? Also do you think taking chemistry and biology at community college will be somehow easier compare to doing nine withing nine weeks at the private school? This all depends on your school, each progam is different. But, many classes are requiring online homework now. 9. For LVN to RN student do you guys still have to do a lot of research papers with APA format? Oh yeah, I did tons in my LVN program and the RN requires them as well.
  7. RivetheadGirl

    Should I Get my LPN/LVN or RN?

    I agree with this soo much. I completed the LVN program through my school because I knew I needed to be able to work and that my school offered an lvn to ASN rn bridge. One of the big things I paid attention to was the nclex pass rate. The school I attended is the second highest rated in the state for their lvn program. The rn is in the top 5, so I knew that I would receive a good education
  8. RivetheadGirl

    RCC Nursing Fall 2016 possible applicants

    Congratulations to everyone that got in. One of my friends was also accepted into fall. Here's hoping I hear something next week about the advanced to skills test. I hope I get to take it.
  9. RivetheadGirl

    RCC Nursing Fall 2016 possible applicants

    I'm sooo glad I found this post. I applied for fall 2016 as an advanced placement student. I already passed the AP exam last spring (but I started a new lvn job and wasn't able to apply then). Ive been studying in the nursing lab this last semester for the skills test. The app exam for fall is tomorrow on the 17th and the skills test is on the 23rd, so I won't find out till next week probably a day or two before if I even get to test. I've talked to SP and while there are normally 10 spots each semester for AP students, 5 of them passed last semester with no space in the program so they were promised those spots. Sooo, if you think the regular program is hard imagine trying to get in with only 5 spaces(AAAAA! I'M SCREAMING). UGH! I graduated from the rcc lvn program and SP said with everything finished I would be first priority after those other 5 students, but they only let about 30 people take the skills test.. So those other 30 are also 1st priority. I just want to get it over with. If the 23rd passes without me hearing something I'm going to cry.
  10. RivetheadGirl

    Average pay for Southern California Lvn?

    I'm in the inland empire and I make 16.50 doing private duty nursing. I know it's on the low side, but its allowed me to work and still recover from a previous car accident. It's also good because im trying to go back to school for my RN this fall, and if I get in I will be able to work and study in my downtime.
  11. RivetheadGirl

    Trying to take NCLEX PN after 5 years

    I'm not sure what att is? I really recommend using PrepU as a study tool. It has multiple area's of focus on different nursing topics. It's also adaptive as a you test. It's a good tool because you can see which area you are deficient in, and which you are strong in. It's may also be helpful if you have some study guides that are not full textbooks. I don't like the ATI online tests, but the books are very helpful as a study tool. This is what I used to take my test.
  12. RivetheadGirl

    How to stay awake during NOCs in PDN?

    I agree with other people. I keep one ear bud in, I also have a portable travel fan that fits into my bag. I keep it on for a combination of white noise and circulation... Usually the lack of an air current will make me pretty tired. 8 bought the O2 cool usb fan because it gives you the option of batteries or being plugged in... Plus, it's on 10 bucks at places like the home Depot. I also bring my tablet with me. My other life savers vary on the weather between a rock star or hot black tea or herbal tea with honey. Usually when I come home in the morning I fall asleep pretty fast. I usually wake up in the middle of the day and do my errands and then sleep again for 2 or 3 hours before my shift. I've actually found the nights to work better for me mentally than a day shift ever did.
  13. RivetheadGirl

    How much do you make 2016

    LVN for 2.5 years. My first job was at an assisted living facility in so Cal making $11/hr. I now work doing home health and make 16.50/hr. I'm sure if I wanted to I could find something that paid more but I like that I only have the same patients and I do a night shift. I'm applying for my schools advanced placement program in fall and if I get in the schedule I work will allow me to work and bring homework with me to my job when things are slow.
  14. RivetheadGirl

    What kind of jobs do y'all have as LPN/LVN?

    I'm currently working as a home health nurse. I see the same 2-3 patients and have a set schedule with them with 8 hour shifts . I actually really like it because I get to know my patients and the families. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it works out well for me.
  15. RivetheadGirl

    Depressed Lvn grad

    Apply at assisted living facility's near you. Many of them hire new grad lvn/lpn's as a medication tech. Its not much but its a start. That's how I got my first job, and im almost at 1 year which looks good on a resume and allowed me to get a better job. I just started working as a hospice nurse doing continuous care for patients.
  16. RivetheadGirl

    Charting when you are no longer able to obtain vitals.

    Flarn, and shgr, It seems a bit strange to me to need thrse things on an hourly basis when tjey are used more for charting then for any type of symptom resolution besides pain management, but its what my company wants me to include.