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  1. I have 10 hours of Fundamentals, 5 hours of pharmacology, 4 hours of skills lab, 8 hours of clinical, and 20 after class lab hours to complete each semester (approximately 1-2 hours a week), and 2-3 hours of studying/reading a day. All of this while being a young, single mother of a 3-year-old. It is impossible to make someone understand the amount of stress and sleep deprivation I am experiencing, so I don't even try.
  2. Failing at my school is anything below a 76% and during the program you can fail two classes and wait for an opening and take the class again, but after the second time, you're out. Clinical, skills competency, simulation, etc are all pass/fail, so if you fail, you fail the class that the clinical, simulation, skills competency, etc was for.
  3. SF2009

    Smokers in Nursing School--How Are You Treated?

    I am a smoker and am beginning nursing school very soon. I was considering this topic as I sat through orientation about a month ago and as I walked out of the school towards my car I saw the DON outside smoking. I was shocked, but also relieved :)
  4. What I don't understand is all of the posters saying this matter should be a private family matter. This woman went on Oprah and discussed her and her husbands decision to reproduce. In my opinion, this makes the pregnancy a very public matter. Your private life is your private life, until you make it public.
  5. SF2009

    Plan to become nurse practitioner any advice

    OP, You don't even know how to practice simple grammer and punctuation, yet you want the title of a NP? The way you communicate with others tells a lot about your knowledge, but by reading your responses I can tell you are immature and unable to hold an adult conversation.
  6. SF2009

    looking for other single moms

    Hello, I am a single mom and my son will be turning three in February. I completed all of my pre req's online while working 6 days a week, which was such a blessing. I start my nursing program in January and I will driving an hour each way to school five days a week. I live in Florida with my boyfriend (whom is not my son's father) and son. My closest friend or family member is 14 hours away, so my support system is limited. Since I currently work 6 days a week and will be working/going to school 7 days a week starting in January my time with my son is also very limited. It is extremely hard to have him at daycare so much, but I know that in the long run my education will be very beneficial to him. I have pretty much put all of my faith in God to carry me through these next few years.
  7. Sorry your Saturday stinks so bad. I'm finally off work, now I'm going to go pick up my toddler and go play football on the beach! Enjoy your debating!
  8. I was trying to encourage you to not sit and argue back and fourth about helping out students. If you don't want to, don't, if you do, do. I didn't sit on one side of the fence or the other and argue with you people. Simple as that, looks like I solved the problem! Now go enjoy this Saturday! (I would be enjoying my Saturday/Sweetest Day, but I'm stuck running an office )
  9. If you don't want to help a student then don't, but sitting here arguing back and forth about it is a rediculous way to waste your Saturday.
  10. SF2009

    Keiser University

    I started at Keiser in August 2009 with Radiologic Technology as my major. I completed all of my general classes for RT with a 3.2 and had a few months off until my core classes began. During those months I had a change of heart and decided to pursue a degree in nursing. To start the admissions process I went to meet with my academic counselor to get all of the paperwork started. I then scheduled my TEAS exam and passed all four sections. Next, I was given a packet of questions I needed to answer, had to gather two professional letters of recommendation written on a letterhead and put together a resume for my interview. I finished these three tasks and scheduled my interview with the Director of Nursing at Keiser. When I arrived for my interview I was extremely nervous, but it wasn't so bad afterall. I met all of the requirements and was accepted into the program! Since I had all of my general classes for RT completed with a 3.2 (you must have a 3.0 or higher in your general classes in order to begin the core classes) all of my RT general classes transferred to nursing and I only need two more classes before I can start the nursing core. I am completing those two classes currently and will begin my core classes in January!
  11. SF2009

    Keiser University

    Any Keiser University ASN students out there? I start my core classes in January and I am just wondering what to expect, overall experience at the school, etc. Thanks for your input!