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Any Keiser University ASN students out there? I start my core classes in January and I am just wondering what to expect, overall experience at the school, etc.

Thanks for your input!

Ms.Scorpio has 6 years experience as a ASN, CNA, LPN, RN.

I have a question for you. How was the admission process with them and the interviewing with the board?

I started at Keiser in August 2009 with Radiologic Technology as my major. I completed all of my general classes for RT with a 3.2 and had a few months off until my core classes began. During those months I had a change of heart and decided to pursue a degree in nursing. To start the admissions process I went to meet with my academic counselor to get all of the paperwork started. I then scheduled my TEAS exam and passed all four sections. Next, I was given a packet of questions I needed to answer, had to gather two professional letters of recommendation written on a letterhead and put together a resume for my interview. I finished these three tasks and scheduled my interview with the Director of Nursing at Keiser. When I arrived for my interview I was extremely nervous, but it wasn't so bad afterall. I met all of the requirements and was accepted into the program! Since I had all of my general classes for RT completed with a 3.2 (you must have a 3.0 or higher in your general classes in order to begin the core classes) all of my RT general classes transferred to nursing and I only need two more classes before I can start the nursing core. I am completing those two classes currently and will begin my core classes in January!

Ms.Scorpio has 6 years experience as a ASN, CNA, LPN, RN.

I have to retake the teas and then go from there I took all of my pre req at mdc and I am taking aml this semester (thats all i am missing) I have a 3.59 and I am worried and nervous about all of it I just want to get in. What king of packet is this if you don't mind what was yoour test score? wish you well in January:)


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