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favthing has 5 years experience as a APRN.

CNA to LPN to RN, currently pre-BSN Student

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  1. Are you ACTUALLY supervised???

    I work in a specialty practice where physicians co-sign my notes. This is related to payment, but underlying I have no patient of my own but rather see the physician's patients (there are 7) and then send the note to that patient's physician. I fin...
  2. Best Review Bundle For AANP Exam

    I did both. Hollier was more common sense and honestly applied more to the exam. Fitzgerald was full of depth, excellent, but a lucky bit on the exam relative to the extensive info. The MOST helpful, neither, it was Leik book. Summarizes and then...
  3. Any NPs start from LPN?

    I am in my second semester of NP school, and from my experiences from a LPN to ADN to BSN, I am finding contacts for clinical rotations for next year. It is really special to have providers who are so proud of me because of my work and education. O...
  4. How to make a good impression precepting

    I am in my first semester of NP school, and I have been trying to get information about how to prepare for my precepting experience. I would value any input about qualities and personal attributes which NP preceptors value in students. I plan to st...
  5. University of Cincinnati Pros and Cons

    I started the program this summer. I love it. You get out what you put in. I am very grateful for this opportunity. This week I will be taking my final exams in Biostatistics and Pathophysiology; I went down to part-time at work so I could devote...
  6. I have had a good experience with UC, and am so excited because I just learned yesterday that I have been accepted into the 2016 Summer AGNP program!
  7. University of Cincinnati Textbook help!

    I see this post is a year old, and nobody replied. I was accepted into UC Summer 2016 NP, and I have the same question. I'm sorry that nobody replied to your post, but could you answer for me, as I want to get a start especially in biostatistics?
  8. Is this what MedSurg nursing is really like?

    I worked about 3 months on a med-surg unit where I made a decision to leave. The unit had all the elements you described and more. I wrote my 2-week notice and hand-delivered it, with certainty. I had the opportunity to talk with managers, and I wa...
  9. Least stressful nursing specialty

    I work a contingent job as a telephone triage nurse. My primary job is on a med/surg unit in a hospital. The phone triage, comparably, does not even seem like a job. I love it. I don't want to lose my skills, or I would do it full-time. I do hav...
  10. When to apply

    It shows your commitment if you apply and offer to work in the role of a nursing assistant until you pass your boards. I think this investment is valuable time spent for you, as well, for all the obvious reasons. Just be clear about your role chang...
  11. Questions about FNP and ACNP roles

    The group of sub-acute care practitioners (of which I dream of joining one day as a NP!) state they are looking for ACNP-trained NPs because the acuity of care is increasing in their setting. I have sub-acute care and med-surg in-patient experience,...
  12. Spring Arbor?

    Thank you all so much for sharing! I am set up to begin the March residency, and I am getting really excited but even more nervous. I am waiting to hear from University of Cincinnati for a May start. It seems like the Cincinnati program is more im...
  13. Spring Arbor, is anyone familiar with online NP program

    Thank you, MiNurse and applesxoranges! I am concerned about working and attending school. Do you find that you are able to study as much as you need? I hear so much about "what you put into online programs is what you get out," so I am just wonder...
  14. ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    Exactly, it is about patient-centered appropriate care. Just as the medical model of specialization targets specific populations for physicians, NP preparation is trying to target training according to patient population. Lol, the lingo is so funny...
  15. Thinking of leaving hospice

    I felt totally taken advantage of in hospice. It was a horrible experience. How sad, as it seems a lot of hospice nurses completely give of themselves...the businesses take advantage of this devotion. I thought is was fascinating, also, how the nu...