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  1. nola06

    Moving to New Orleans Questions

    If you have the opportunity to do a travel contract at the location first I recommend doing that first. If you like the location some places will sign you on for permanent work or offer to extend your contract. If it's not for you, it was only 13wks ...
  2. nola06

    first assignment SD...advice please?

    I worked at Rady's in 2010 in the ER and the pay was about the same. I took the housing stipend and took home a little more money that way. Everyone wants to go to San Diego and it sells itself, that's why the pay is so low. I stayed for 6 months and...
  3. nola06

    Has anyone else noticed drop in jobs?

    Yes. I was a travel nurse from 2009 until this february and stoped because there were so few good jobs. everyone thinks travel nurses make so much money, but the pay is horrible
  4. nola06

    vacation resort nursing

    I have been a ED travel nurse for the past 3 years and recently stoped to take a job back home. I want to travel during the summer months and have looked into vacation resorts and kids summer camps. I have done searches online but have not turned up ...
  5. nola06

    Roommate in San Jose

    Hi everyone, I may take an assignment in San Jose and am looking for a place to live. If any one has a place or any suggestions It would be great.:)
  6. Hi, I worked in the ER there earlier this year. It was my first time doing peds since I graduated. I mostly work adult trauma. The ER was always crazy, so i imagine the floor will also be busy. The pay wasn't great in San Diego compared to other a...