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  1. congratulations and best of luck at your new job. I'm sure you and your husband will love new orleans
  2. It's been a while since I was a new grad ( 10 yrs), but I went a number of interviews before finding a job. I know from experience that Ochsner takes a while with the application/interview process. as a new nurse you will probably start out on a med/surg unit. about the license, I didn't know you have to choose b/t a temp or endorsement. LA doesn't allow you to get a temp while waiting for endorsement? I was a travel nurse for several years and had to get many licenses by endorsement some take a few days some take months. I'm not sure how long LA takes. I think an application always looks best w/ a license because if they have to choose b/t you and someone else who has one they will go with that person. They will want someone who is ready to start working.
  3. nola06

    Moving to New Orleans Questions

    If you have the opportunity to do a travel contract at the location first I recommend doing that first. If you like the location some places will sign you on for permanent work or offer to extend your contract. If it's not for you, it was only 13wks and chalk it up to a life experience.
  4. nola06

    Internet and Cable on the GO for Travelers

    Sorry, I mean 5GB data
  5. nola06

    Questions regarding Travel Nursing

    I wouldn't start to contact agencies until you are certain you want to travel b/c they will contact you nonstop. You will have to fill out a crazy amount of paperwork so just be certain this is something you want. I went with agencies that had the most locations to travel and had the best reputations
  6. nola06

    Internet and Cable on the GO for Travelers

    I used Verizon mifi with 5G data. I watched plenty of TV shows and surfed the internet and 5G was enough for me. It cost $50/ month and no hassle. I traveled with it for 2 years . I took a new assignment every 13 weeks, so it was much easier than having wifi installed each time
  7. nola06

    Vegas Conference anyone?

    I'm going and I can't wait. I traveled for 3 years and have since taken a permanent job back home. I am thinking about traveling in my new specialty of case mgt and wanted to see the opportunities available in that area. I've never gone to the conference before so I'm looking forward to it
  8. nola06

    New Orleans Travel RNs - Help!

    Hi , I am from New Orleans and was a travel nurse for 3 years and had a great time. I worked at children's after I first graduated and it was great place. We had lots of travelers, this was right after hurricane Katrina, and they all seemed to like the hospital. I am back home and am thinking about renting out a room in my house to travelers b/c I know how hard it can be to find temp housing.
  9. nola06

    Tuba City, AZ

    I worked in Tuba city for 3 months in 2009. the people were great, but it's in the middle of nowhere. the closest big city is flagstaff. I was housed in a mobile home about 350 -400 sq ft. total. It was ok for short term, but not if you are taking a permanent assignment. i know some of the permanent staff who are not native american they did have houses at a reduced rate about $400/month ( this was a family of 4)
  10. nola06

    first assignment SD...advice please?

    I worked at Rady's in 2010 in the ER and the pay was about the same. I took the housing stipend and took home a little more money that way. Everyone wants to go to San Diego and it sells itself, that's why the pay is so low. I stayed for 6 months and loved it. Hope you enjoy it
  11. nola06

    Has anyone else noticed drop in jobs?

    Yes. I was a travel nurse from 2009 until this february and stoped because there were so few good jobs. everyone thinks travel nurses make so much money, but the pay is horrible
  12. nola06

    vacation resort nursing

    I have been a ED travel nurse for the past 3 years and recently stoped to take a job back home. I want to travel during the summer months and have looked into vacation resorts and kids summer camps. I have done searches online but have not turned up much for vacation resorts. Does anyone know of any resorts that hire nurse? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. I work in the ER and my assignment ends in 3 weeks. the hospital is very big over 900 beds. everyone is friendly and willing to help. good luck F.Y.I - DC traffic is horrible!
  14. everyone was helpful and the ER was well staffed. the only complaint was the rotating schedule
  15. The name my company to me is washnington hospital center
  16. I will be going to D.C. in sept. on a 13 week travel assignment. I am looking for housing in the area. If anyone else is in the area or will be going there and looking for a roommate please write back. have a great day :)