Cruise ship nursing


Hi Everyone, 

I am considering taking a nursing job on a cruise ship. I've been a nurse for 15 yrs and did travel nursing for 3yrs. I was wondering if anyone out there has done this type of nursing before or know someone who worked for a cruise line. I'm open to new adventures and not afraid of the schedule. my main concern is I would be leaving a full time job that I love. I would be leaving the security of a weekly paycheck and benefits for the uncertain world of traveling. I'm not sure how steady the work will be and how often they renew contracts.  anyway just wanted to get some advice. thanks in advance

Bad pay, bad working conditions, lots of on call. Despite that, the jobs are not that easy to get (for some reason, appeals to many nurses' romantic side). Also, a human petri dish. Try Google for cruise nursing stories. You will find a lot of propaganda on how romantic such a life can be, and a few more realistic takes. Would suggest working as a travel nurse, and being a well treated passenger on cruise (if you must) between travel assignments. You will be dollars ahead with less stress.