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  1. Case Management vs Health Coach: How To Land A Job

    Thank you Nurse Beth!
  2. Nurse navigators

    Are there courses to get a certificate or to get experience in this field if you never worked as a nurse navigator before? Thank you!
  3. Personalized medical care

    NRSKarenRN, Thank you however I already looked at their website. Looking for anyone who either participates in or works as a nurse for them to get a personal opinion.
  4. Personalized medical care

    Is anyone part of personalized health care called MDVIP as a patient or have any insight on this. One of our pulmonary doctors that we see as well as some of my family members is turning to this. He is holding a seminar on this for us and I will obv...
  5. Chamberlain vs Excelsior

    Thanks AgentR for responding.
  6. Chamberlain vs Excelsior

    Thank you both for your input and advice. Appreciated!
  7. Chamberlain vs Excelsior

    Looking for someone who did the ASN to BSN program. Like input regarding cost and resources if I would need help during my course. Thanks for any advice. :)
  8. Excelsior College???????????

    I did the Excelsior LPN to Associates in Applied Science in nursing program and I liked it. Instructors were always available and would get back to you if you had questions. It's been almost 3 yrs since I completed and they had a great website to be ...
  9. medrisk

    does anyone work for medrisk in kop. wondering if its a nice place to work if i wanted to get out of hands on care. thanks!
  10. executive health resource

    wondering if any nurses work for ehr out of newtown square. they provide training for few weeks than you work from home. do you like the job and company?
  11. Your favorite, most comfortable scrub brands?

    Greys Anatomy! they are soft, comfortable and nicest looking scrubs I have ever seen. I get mine at PS scrubs.
  12. legal nurse consultant in pa

    I contacted the vicki milazzo institute and they sent out materials and a rep called. than a mentor called and they tell you about their experience and you can ask your questions. i live in pa and the girl i spoke to lives in ohio. she says she does ...
  13. core measures abstractor

    curtail, entail neither make sense according to the dictionary, so what is the job description of a core measures abstractor?
  14. legal nurse consultant in pa

    looking for legal nurse consultants in pa if there are any out there. thinking about doing vicki milazzo institute training, has anyone done this program, what do you think about it and are you successful in your own business or with a firm? any thou...
  15. core measures abstractor

    Does anyone have this job in a hospital, what does the job curtail and do you like it? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!