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  1. Concordia's RN to BSN Program

    I am currently in the RN to BSN program through Concordia. I will complete my nursing courses in February 2018. I found the program easier than what my friends experienced at Mankato, Metro State, and Bemidji. There are no tests which is nice. There ...
  2. MN RN-BSN Progams: Suggestions!

    Right now I am doing Concordia's online RN to BSN program. They are awaiting accreditation so tuition is $250 a credit right now. It is about an 18 month program. I am doing my first class right now and there is a discussion board every week and 2 pa...
  3. Job at Allina

    Did you end up taking the job? I just accepted a position in pre/ post op. I really think it will be ok.
  4. Fairview Ridges RN Salary

  5. New grad jobs

    I should have mentioned I have my ADN and it seems like some facilities are weary of hiring new ADN grads.
  6. Job at Allina

    Could you negotiate your start date to be in July? Maybe the strike will be over then?? I would take it and have faith that the strike will not effect you. Congratulations!
  7. a puppy
  8. Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    Ohhhh so shiny.
  9. New grad jobs

    I just graduated and waiting for my ATT for the board of nursing. Just wondering what facilities are hiring new grads right now.
  10. Fall 2014 nhcc nurses

    I just was wondering how the first semester went. I start the program Jan 12 e/w. Any advise? How many hours are you working? How's the school load?
  11. Allina new grad interview

    I managed at allina and hired staff... Call the recruiter and ask for an update. It won't hurt.
  12. North Hennepin Nursing Spring 2015

    I was accepted to the e/w for spring 2015. I sent my acceptance letter in today!
  13. Teas score for NHCC program??

    I was accepted to that program as well!! Congrats.
  14. Spring 2015 MANE programs

    How is your score different at two schools?
  15. Spring 2015 MANE programs

    I got accepted to ARCC too. I think you all will get in too.