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  1. Bariatric patients

    I'm curious to know if other hospitals have any sort of guidelines for staffing when dealing with bariatric patients. Our ICU typically has a 2pt to 1 nurse ratio. Lately we have had a large number of morbidly obese patients requiring ventilation an...
  2. New hosptial computer systems pull nurses away from patient care

    [Critical Care Unit only. It does not talk to Meditech which the rest of the hospital uses and the other floors do not have access to the application. We still have to do admissions histories in Meditech and document our meds and fall risk scores and...
  3. The Failure of the Joint Commission

    I find it interesting the way we chart is not to show what happens to the patient but to make it easier for all the bean counters to do their jobs, both in hospital management and with JCAH. Our place had the pleasure of putting on a show for JCAH wh...
  4. Hourly Rounding

    In critical care, you are in pts rooms every hour anyway. (Although if the pt is really bad it may be more than an hour before you get to see your other pt and hopefully someone else is helping you out.) But to be told what to say and to have to init...
  5. Texas: Methodist Hospital Moves To Hire Only RNS' with BS degree

    "At the patient's bedside, the risk is high with very sick patients. The margin for error is very small. You have to have people who think and put together information very critically and very quickly. I don't think people with a two-year degree can ...
  6. Would you support this federal staffing bill?

    My place of work has already cut the aides and secretaries. I feel bad for the patients as they no longer receive the patient care they need. Nurses cannot do it all, contrary to what administrators think.
  7. I want her fired!!!!

    Maybe because the "customer" is always right....even when they're wrong?!? Nursing took a down turn when "patients" became "customers." Nursing and health care is not like a regular business and I wish administrators would stop treating it as such. ...
  8. Are smart pumps smart?

    For the most part, they are only as good as the programmer. The ones we use, have more bells and alarms to answer and the tubings are more pliable causing obstruction alarms. We also have a problem with them communicating with our pharmacy.
  9. How many of you hate your job?

    I find that most "nurses" love nursing, they just dislike where they are nursing. With all the changes in healthcare, the economy, government involvement, patient's perceptions/expectations, our jobs are not what they once were. Many hospitals are n...
  10. is laddering worth it?

    I have some problems with laddering, but maybe it is only where I work. It seems more emphasis is placed on how much extra time you give to your place of employment in terms of committee work or how much volunteer work you do, instead of what kind o...