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  1. alilag

    What do I do??

    Sadieanne7, I am in the same boat as you. I moved to NJ from VA due to my husband's job. It took 6 weeks for the state to process my license but I have been applying for jobs since June. I was told that hospitals are only hiring new grads. I'm looking into agency nursing right now because I've been filling out each hospital's online applications and not getting any call backs. Have you tried Indeed.com? I set up a job search and get daily emails and spend a few hours a day applying. I worked med/surg in DC and VA and there was never a shortage of med/surg jobs there. I'm finding that there are many openings for Tele and Peds but I am not ACLS certified or have any peds experience. I'm hoping the market will turn around but it is very discouraging. All the best. "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you." -Mother Teresa
  2. alilag

    RN looking for a job in NJ

    I am a med/surg nurse with 7 years of experience. I consider myself to be a great candidate and have several references from prior managers and professors. I am having a very difficult time getting interviews in NJ. I had to relocate to NJ because of my husband's job. It took 6 weeks for NJ to give me my license. I hold an active license in two other states and it never took that long. I have applied for over 20 positions and no one is calling me back. This is very discouraging. I did talk with someone in a Nursing Agency who told me hospitals are not interested in hiring experienced nurses. All jobs are given to new grads. I find it hard to believe that hospitals would staff an entire unit with new grads! Is anyone else having this issue??