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    Scrubs that survive thick thighs

    WonderWink and Med Couture have held up well for me.
  2. Hey everyone I’ve been an LPN since 2012 and in LTC the whole time. I’m burnt on LTC and made the move applying to an area hospital that opened up a lot of LPN positions. I interviewed and got the job on ortho/rehab!! I’m excited but scared to leave my work family of 7 years. Just wanted to get feedback on diff things I should focus on. LTC Patients are not as acute as these patients will be so I’m anxious about adjusting.
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    Living paycheck to paycheck

    Same here. I had to look into cutting back on some things paying on time so I’m not paying late fees and unfortunately a prn job which I’m there consistently to make ends meet.
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    Replacement for NrG by Barco

    The new sketchers it’s also by Barco
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    Current SLCC ADN Program

    I have had several LPN friends graduate and pass the NCLEX. I'm currently working on my pre-reqs I'm a LPN. I'm hearing a lot of not getting in the program with GPA less than 4.0 so I'm thinking of transferring to LSUA or LSUE
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    Agency Nursing as a LPN

    If you're still looking Platinum Agency is who people mostly go through. Their rate is decent but it's usually a lot of nursing home work. I stay on their list but I settled with a PRN job for almost the same amount
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    Where can I work with good pay in Louisiana

    I'm in the Lafayette area and I've been told the best pay for LPNs are in LTAC units, a new grad we know started at $18, averages 20-25 depending on the shift.
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    LPN 2011 pharmacology thread

    What books are you using in your pharm class? I just completed my first semester and our next semester starts Thurs jan 13th.
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    ADN Program at LA Technical College in Houma,LA

    I hope someone comes with more info..this sounds promising.
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    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    I'm starting my LPN program next week on 8/23 at acadiana tech colllege In Lafayette La. Its a 18month program. I'm so very excited, I know what its going to be like because I already took a&p there in the spring.
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    "obama" grant to go back to school

    I was told it was extra money given when applied in the FAFSA. There was bit of an increase for single mothers I do believe when I applied.