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  1. I was just wondering if anyone took their may nclex rn in california got their results yet who tested this week? I took mine May 3, 2011 at 2pm actually 130pm to be exact. How long did you find out if your name is on the site? Im too afraid to check the PVT and I stopped at 75 questions =(
  2. Ren78909

    Need help FAILED Nclex 4 times

    I too just found out that I failed for the 4th time. I really feel hopeless. I've been in school for so long and why am i not getting the material when I take the test. After the test, I felt confident I passed and went there with positive vibes. I graduated with my BSN yet I can't pass the test. It feels like I'm wasting my parents money over this. I guess I have to wait 45 days again to retest. Any suggestions on studying for round 5. Mostly liking the earliest I can take it is in April 5. My parents are supportive in letting me take it again and again but I feel like I'm letting them down. I have kaplan, saunders, hurst, and lacharity books. :confused::crying2:
  3. I'm getting a bit worried with all the suspense. I took my test on last Friday Feb 18 and still haven't seen my name on the CA BRN. I'm too afraid to check Pearson because the last three times I did it with the previous test taken it went straight to the CC page. Please pray for me and hope I pass this time around. :crying2:
  4. Ren78909

    Welcome NCLEX February 2011 Test Takers

    So I took my test Friday Feb 18 at 2:00 pm and still waiting for the results. Since monday was presidents day and the office is closed, will my results be ready to check on the CA BON. Has anyone else took it on Friday and found their name on the website. I'm scared to do the PVT. I did all 265 questions. :crying2:
  5. Hello everyone! I wanted to put out a poll out regarding how many questions you took on the nclex-rn for the computer to stop...I've notice that people say 75 or 265. I just want to let people know that it doesn't matter what questions you stopped at, but just want people to know those who just got done taking it that someone out there too is asking the same question.
  6. I just found out I failed the NCLEX rn in california in July? What are the steps to retaking it? I know we have to send another application of 75 dollars and do we need to get the nursing verification form again from our school? Please help me, I'm so devastated that I failed the exam. I just want to start again and continue to get my goal as an RN. I think the earliest I can take it is in September.