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  1. Hello everyone!!! And thank you for spending the time to read my message. I am currently a non-enlisted Sr. Nursing sudent about to obtain my BSN. I was just hired to work in a CCICU once i graduate in may. Being a 22 year old single guy.. I have nothing holding me back... Why not see the world, serve the US & make some good $$$ while im at it...right? well thats what i have been thinking.... However, I do have some questions 1. I believe the Army only requires one year of ICU exp. Is this true? 2. How competive is the CRNA program to gain acceptance?? I have read on some other boards there has been open seats the past few years... 3. Never planned on going into grad school... but with me being hired into ICU... this is a real option.. So in nursing school i have only kept a 3.0 with 1 semester to go 4. What are some things i can do to overcome this lower GPA??? Take some grad level classes while i get my first year of ICU exp out of the way??? Thanks for your time
  2. St-Pierre

    Dating classmates?

    Dont do it, I am a sr. in nursing school and i decided I would date a jr/ a co-worker of mine... It's great while you are dating... but as soon as things go south... look out i dont think i have ever have had this drama in my life!!!
  3. St-Pierre

    Travel Contract to australia

    Hello everyone, I am about to enter my Sr. year of my BSN program. I am currently a 21 year old male who is just finishing his internship into the ICU. Currently under my school loan program I am forced to work for the hospital for 2 years to recieve a free ride. Hopefully by doing well in my internship i will be able to work in the unit. After those 2 years up I have not decided what i want to do, Apply for CRNA school locally, Join the Army and go that route to CRNA school... Or find if possible a nursing contract for 1-2 years in Australia.. Currently i live in the USA if that was not clear. My question is, Does anyone know any agency that set up contracts like this... Job placement, possible help with a visa... Sign on bonus ect... Thanks for your time