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U.S Army CRNA Program

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Hello everyone... Thank you for your time read my post. I am a 21 year old male entering my last year of my BSN. I recently spent my summer doing an Internship in the ICU @ a local hospital. I loved every min of it... I was offered a CNA position in the ICU during the weekends while im in school. The ICU never has Aids in there and this is a rare position. Hopefully that is a sign that they enjoyed me being there and want me to work there once i graduate.... or so that is what my teachers-- and co-workers on the sister unit say to me...

My concern is my GPA currently in my Nursing program my GPA is a even 3.0... I understand that this is way to low for any CRNA program... I plan on trying to do my best in my last 30 credit hours... I would like to work in the unit for at least 2 years before i would apply for the military's program... I plan on finding a local university to allow me to take a few graduate level classes while i work as an RN to bump up my GPA as well... Also after a year of working in the unit i would like to obtain my CCRN.... I would be attending GRE prep classes during my two years working as an RN as well...

What other steps do you think i would need to do to become accepted into this program... I emailed the man incharge of accepting students for this program and he gave me a quick replied when asked what is the typicall acceptance of students into the program... He listed the following

1. GPA > 3.0 (we also separate out science courses and other courses)

2. GRE at or near 1000 (total Q & V)

3. Prefer 1-2 years critical care

Thank you everyone for your help here... this is a dream of mine.... I have shadowed an CRNA for roughly 20 hours and loved it..

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