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  1. bmendi

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    So sorry. Me too. Giving myself today to wallow and then working on my next application. Keep pushing forward!
  2. bmendi

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    Check your emails- I got mine the morning. Sadly no offer of interview. Good luck to the rest of you!!
  3. bmendi

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    Getting antsy here, too! Hopefully we'll hear something early this week.
  4. bmendi

    CRNA shadowing in Austin ?

    Hey jessmajek, I asked for my unit educator's help-- she got me in contact with the Chief CRNA at my hospital and I was able to set up a time to shadow from there.
  5. bmendi

    TCU CRNA January 2019

    Hey there cdibley, I'm applying for the 2019 cohort as well! Currently in the Temple area with husband and 3yo. Looking forward to the next couple of months!
  6. bmendi

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    Hi all! Glad to have found this group here and looking forward to seeing some of you post acceptance in a few months! :) I am am finishing my application now, just waiting on shadow verification form and need to hustle and get PALS. This will be my first time applying and I'm crossing all fingers and toes! So nervous! I have nearly five years experience in MICU and Neuro ICU at a level one teaching facility, GRE 306 V156/Q150 and still waiting on AW score, 3.6 BSN gpa but a weak science gpa from my ADN. CCRN since 2016.
  7. I believe they used the percentage. I never had feedback from my coach regarding anythzing within Shadow Health so I honestly don't know if they review them in detail or not. Those essay type questions were always the same within each system and I found myself using the same verbiage each time.
  8. Diggerdave, You'll use Shadow Health for your virtual assessments. Once you finish your assessment, look at the feedback and use it to complete your assessment again. It takes a bit more time, but you're able to be much more thorough with your line of questioning and get highest marks the second time around.
  9. I took Health Assessment and Management together. They are both tedious but it was completely doable. Vulnerable Populations would be good to double with Assessment as the class is front-loaded and the bulk of work is done in the first three weeks, whereas as Assessment was much steadier.
  10. bmendi

    New grad MICU

    Hi BeautifulDisaster-- I'm a recent grad (August '13) and began my orientation in the MICU of a L1 trauma center last October so I'm still new, too. As said before, it can be very overwhelming coming into this setting fresh out of school but take each and every opportunity as a learning experience. Ask tons of questions, do your best to develop a routine for yourself once you feel comfortable, listen in on rounds and study disease processes. Learning doesn't stop once you graduate. Read journal articles and become a member of a professional association-- they offer tons of free CEUs and EBP that helps us daily. Feel out the nurses in your unit that you feel you can trust-- as far as experience and clinical knowledge go-- and use them as a resource. Jump in to help anywhere you can-- be it a code, a rapid, or just turning and cleaning a coworker's pt. And above all, remember why you became a nurse and what drew you to this profession. There are some really hard days in nursing and you might often feel defeated as a new nurse. It gets better and easier. Good luck to you
  11. bmendi

    It's about time!

    Verbiage taken directly from TX HB705: (1) "Emergency room personnel" means a person in a hospital emergency department who, in the course and scope of employment or as a volunteer, provides services for the benefit of the general public during emergency situations. (2) "Emergency services personnel" includes fire fighters, emergency medical services personnel as defined by Section 773.003, Health and Safety Code, and other individuals who, in the course and scope of employment or as a volunteer, provide services for the benefit of the general public during emergency situations. Bill Text: TX HB705 | 2013-2014 | 83rd Legislature | Introduced | LegiScan They way the bill is written does seem to inlcude only the ED-- interesting.
  12. You are all awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond :)
  13. Thank you all so much! It means the world and I hope to put your advice to good use soon :)
  14. Hello! I'm a new grad (Aug '13) and have just passed boards at the beginning of the month. I've accepted a position in an ICU internship beginning in October in a 70-bed ICU at a L1 trauma center and am curious if any of you wonderful nurses have pearls of wisdom-- not necessarily what to expect etc as programs vary, more so things you know now that you'd wish you'd known as a new grad? Any advice for a newby is welcome. Thanks! :)
  15. bmendi

    The candidate currently has test results on hold?

    I got the same pop-up and passed. It just means they're reviewing your exam a bit further-- could be for finishing quickly, palm scans not working correctly, etc. I tested on Friday and got my quick results on the following Tuesday after my results being on hold. I know the wait will be tough, but hang in there and you'll know soon :)
  16. bmendi

    Flipping Out!!

    I got my results this afternoon-- I passed! Made the wait worth it :) Keeping fingers crossed for Type1Nurse2b and nursemami4!