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Maladroit has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Mother Baby RN.

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  1. Maladroit


    I'm a current Med/Surg Peds nurse wanting to switch to either L&D or Mother-Baby at a large teaching hospital. Part of me really wants to be on L&D, but a large part of me is extremely nervous about the nature of L&D (unpredictability and intensity). When I think about working on MBCU/Nursery, I think I'd get tired of it. I don't enjoy working in Peds, but I love being a nurse and I'm a fast learner. I could use some advice or direction from seasoned nurses in those areas. Thanks.
  2. Maladroit

    Is this specialty flooded in your area?

    I'm a Peds nurse in Iowa and we have a shortage here! On my unit alone, we have 7 lines open for nurses...5 for New Grads. I'm a new grad, with 4 other new grads starting on my unit recently, too. Not flooded and I'd encourage you to apply! You'd need to stick to applying at major teaching hospitals because the smaller ones won't look at you without at least 2 years experience, but a couple are willing and happy to train you! We are really short staffed after coming off of a 3 year hiring freeze.
  3. Maladroit

    15 month old getting 750mg Rocephin

    I'm a peds nurse (new grad) and have never given Rocephin IM, so I'm glad I came across this thread. Now I know and will be ready when I encounter this. Split into two doses, go for the VL. Thanks!
  4. Maladroit


    What do you study? Nursing podcasts?
  5. Maladroit


    I am a new grad RN BSN on a Peds unit at a major Magnet teaching hospital and have been on the floor precepting for about a month now. When I have days off, I feel like I want to research, read up on, and learn about stuff I encountered at work, but then I also want the days off to just recoup. Anyone else have this issue? Of the immense knowledge deficit I feel I have, where should my priority lie? What do I study? I haven't been dangerous or completely naive while working, but am a perfectionist and want to do the best I can? Tips?
  6. Maladroit

    Clinicals, really not prep for real world?

    Focus on the things you CAN practice like assessment, documenting (or how you would document), communicating with your patients, and helping other nurses. Just jump in there and seem interested, stand in the doorway and watch what other nurses do - for better or worse - you will learn a lot that way. Skills will be taught and picked up quickly and ever institution does them differently, so don't worry too much about that yet. Assess and develop those skills to know when something isn't right and what you'd do to fix it.
  7. Maladroit

    How do you keep children from pulling IVs?

    Sometimes with kiddos, just hiding the line with mesh and gauze is all it takes...out of sight out of mi d. Other times mits work, then splints. Least restrictive to most restrictive. Having parents, aides, and RNs around to distract and redirect works, too.
  8. Maladroit

    Des Monies vs Iowa City

    I live in Chicago now and went to college in Iowa City for awhile and been to DM countless times. I love Iowa City personally; the hospital, the town, all of it! I just got hired on at UIHC and it IS awfully hard to get hired on. I am not a fan of DM, but that's just my preference. Check out both cities. Also, IC is much different during summer and fall!!! If you aren't a football fan, working at UIHC between Sept-Dec will be a major pain!
  9. Maladroit

    Your Starting Salary?

    New Grad RN, BSN - Graduated March '13 Iowa Magnet Hospital 25.31/hr base + differentials
  10. I graduated March 3rd, took and passed NCLEX mid April (first available), and I start my new grad residency Aug. 12! I had been applying out of state since Dec., had two out of state interviews, am moving to my new state. In the meantime, I also went on two minivacations, refinished two large pieces of furniture, dealt with a massive flood at my 30+ horse barn, cooked a lot, relaxed, and applied to as many jobs as I could find, read a bunch of books, looked into my new field - Pediatrics!!! It's a long haul, but I'm only 1 of 7 of my graduating class of 49 to have a job yet.
  11. Maladroit

    Offer letter

    I finally got a formal job offer! It took 3 months but I got it! Couldn't be happier or more relieved!
  12. Maladroit

    What can be done?!?!

    Anyone know what can be done about a reputable college that has not given BSN seniors in their last semester their clinical placements as of the first day of an 8 week course? We are required to have 96 clinical hours. If we eventually do get placements...and they are for nursing homes...what should we do? Any help will be appreciated.
  13. Maladroit

    Are C's really the new A's in nursing school?

    Do your best. Some can get A's easily, while others struggle just to get C's or B's. Usually the ones who say C's are the new A's are the ones who don't read, study, or dedicate much time to it.
  14. Maladroit


    I am graduating in February and am trying to put together a portfolio. I can't really seem to find any specifically geared toward nursing per se, so I was wondering what all should I include? So far, I'm thinking of Cover Letter, CV, Resume, photo, Awards/certifications, and Recommendation Letters. Am I missing anything? Also, I figure a lot of my applications are going out online, how do I let them know I have a portfolio or how would I broach that in an interview? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  15. Prereq's at University of Iowa ( GO HAWKS!!!!) BSN (Accelerated) - Chamberlain College of Nursing - Chicago *So happy with my schools*
  16. Maladroit

    This may sound silly but...

    This. Make sure you've read all the chapters BEFORE they are covered in class, show up on time, concentrate in class (no facebook checking, LOL). After exams, meet with your prof. to see what you got wrong even if you did really well. That will show your prof. that you take the class seriously...and it'll be private so you won't get the label from your classmates. My thing was to throw out nerdy, topic-related jokes when appropriate - it made me stand out since I was able to understand the concept enough to turn it into something funny, shows confidence, and sets you apart.