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  1. nursebert

    Getting My Graduate Degree: Is it Worth It?

    I will soon finish RN to BSN at WGU and plan to continue for MSN. I am 60 years old. WGU is an excellent school and very affordable. To imply that on- line education is inferior is old fashioned thinking.
  2. nursebert

    Can you recommend a RN to BSN school to RN to MSN ?

  3. nursebert

    Placed a narcotic in a sharps bin before scanning it.

    Actually, the robotic point ,scan, and administer technique has greatly discouraged the critical thinking process related to giving meds in my opinion. I have noticed this in nurses who never given meds pre BCMA. I still have the same process ;the right patient, dose, etc. but I also think about if this med is appropriate and a safe dosage and many other thoughts that occur in my mind simultaneously before I ever use the scanner. So, yeah, the scanner adds another step for me
  4. nursebert

    WGU RN to BSN

    I highly recommend it.