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  1. I am thinking of going back to 12hrs shifts, either night or day. I am working mon thru fri 8 hours plus with a one and one half commute home. I am a manager and rarely work just 8 hours. I have worked evenings, nights and weekends and do not get overtime. I will be looking to go back to 12hrs in acute care if things do not change.
  2. nursebert

    Should I finish my MSN

    Check out Western Governors University. It is 100 percent online and offers MSN edu.
  3. nursebert

    Job Opportunity or Relationship

    VA was not for me but it does offer the opportunity to transfer and I might even return to the VA if it were San Francisco. There are 2 VA hospitals in the DC area as well as Walter Reed and a few other government facilities where you could transfer after you spend about a year in SF. You are so lucky. Take the VA job in SF . Once you are a government employee you can move around among agencies such as Department of Defense and others. I am excited for you and wish you all the best.
  4. nursebert

    Placed a narcotic in a sharps bin before scanning it.

    Actually, the robotic point ,scan, and administer technique has greatly discouraged the critical thinking process related to giving meds in my opinion. I have noticed this in nurses who never given meds pre BCMA. I still have the same process ;the right patient, dose, etc. but I also think about if this med is appropriate and a safe dosage and many other thoughts that occur in my mind simultaneously before I ever use the scanner. So, yeah, the scanner adds another step for me
  5. nursebert

    Placed a narcotic in a sharps bin before scanning it.

    Oh, you poor thing. I did this more than once especially since I have been a nurse for 23 years and had never used bar coding scanning until 4 years ago. My colleague was able to get the discarded dilaudid vial out of the sharps with a coathanger. Actually a few coworkers were very skilled with extraction techniques. Not advocating for or against...disperate times call for desperate measures. Hope you will be ok.
  6. nursebert

    WGU RN to BSN

    I highly recommend it.
  7. nursebert

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    She is solely responsible for her negligence.
  8. nursebert

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I actually faced this situation a few weeks ago. The patient was on a tele unit with altered mental status and a neurologic condition. The patient was ordered for MRI of the brain and IV ativan premed was ordered. I told the doctor that it was a safety issue to allow the patient to receive ativan and not be monitored during the procedure. I stated that I was not able to go with the patient. We do not have resource nurses. The MRI was then cancelled and ironically I read about this case the next day.

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