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orcorri has 27 years experience and specializes in OR.

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  1. Hi all! Can someone tell me, what someone with over 20+ years nursing experience gets paid hourly in Nashville? thank you!!
  2. Tennessee

    Wow thank you! I just wanted to get an idea. You are right it is not much, especially with what I am earning now in Ohio. I guess with no personal income tax in Tenessee you get more money in hand. I did notice housing is expensive in Nashville!...
  3. Tennessee

    Any idea what the top nurses earn with 20+ Years experience? I’m looking at VUMC IN NASHVILLE
  4. Tennessee

    Hi All!! Looking for a great hospital to work in, in Tennessee in a great location!! Have you guys got any recommendations?? Thank you in advance!
  5. Dallas travel agencies?

    Hi! sorry i cant PM yet..i changed my username on here, well i rejoined using another name. I have not been actively looking for a contract in Dallas, since a few companies have quoted me low hourly's. I was quoted like in the low 30's. I think th...
  6. Dallas travel agencies?

    Dallas area is not paying well at the moment, as I am looking to go there also. Quest Group is based in dallas. Nursefinders have openings there but dont pay really well I heard. Medical Staffing Solutions INC based in Wisconsin is really good. T...