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  1. Equestrian

    My Study Guide For HESI - Passed On First Try!

    I have to take HESI in November.... I need 850 to graduate.... THANK YOU so much for this help!!!!! I need all the help I can get!
  2. Equestrian

    Columbus Technical College?

    I personally had to just give up my job this semester. I was able to make it from July of 2010 until now. Although, I only worked 12 hours a week. We are taking our heaviest load yet.. Three classes.... and trust me, that is a lot worse than it sounds. There are LPNs in this program that work three 12 hour shifts a week. It is definitely not recommended. I am very close to one of these girls. She is beginning to break down physically, and she is struggling. BUT she doesn't have any other choice. She HAS to work. THEN... you have people that don't have a job and still struggle with the schoolwork. If at all possible, try to give 100% to your nursing education. It is very serious. You could kill someone very fast. P.S> It can be fun too! Ex: I got to hold and swaddle a baby that was 4 hours old today!!!:bby:
  3. Equestrian

    Columbus Technical College?

    Jessicaeileen... I got your message but I can't send you a return message for some reason. What is your e-mail?
  4. Equestrian

    What will YOU do with your first "real" paycheck!?

    Start a savings account for a trip to Europe!!!! *wine
  5. Equestrian

    All A's, or Great in Clinical?

    I know that this is asking for too much, but I just wish that everyone could be equally advanced in both parts of nursing school. I am usually the class average for exams. I excel in clinical. Although, I do not feel as if I am "learning" the information I am tested over. I suppose it will come with practice. This thread originated in my head after posting to the thread, "What you wish you could tell your classmates." I just get so aggravated with all of the people that BRAG about A's. I had a 4.0 before getting into the actual nursing program. I now have a 3.7 GPA. Which I am OH-SO-PROUD of. The point is it doesn't matter in the long run what your stinking grades are!!! Hopefully we are all in this because we have a genuine love of people. If you do your best no matter what it takes, then I would love for you to take care of me or any of my family members! I love all of the answers to this post. Everyone made great points. Is it just me that get's so aggravated with the people that are braggers????? We are supposed to be a team people!!! You must learn to deal with everyone if you are going to be a nurse. I understand this. I do not cause drama, but I just need to vent sometimes!
  6. Equestrian

    All A's, or Great in Clinical?

    I hear that you are one or the other. You make great grades, (and usually brag about them,) or you are great in Clinicals. What is your experience? Is it possible to be both? Who will make a better nurse?
  7. If you post your stupid exam grade on Facebook one more time I am going to come to your house and kick you in the face!!! Wooo Hoooo that felt good!
  8. Equestrian

    Columbus Technical College?

    SRobb, I am so sorry for thinking you were another "Jessica". haha The program starts in July 2011, and Yes, they only accept once a year. Please let me know if ya'll get accepted!!!! I would love to help any way that I can! I changed my username by the way. Didn't want to make my school look bad just in case I were to make a comment that would be offensive to anyone.
  9. Equestrian

    Columbus Technical College?

    Hello! There are a lot of Jessicas in this discussion! I am a student in the ADN program just like Jessica. Advice for ya'll. Do very well on the NLN. Buy the review book, and learn it. Everything in it. The people that got accepted this semester had at least a 3.2 or higher GPA, and a 80 or better NLN score. Try to take all pre-reqs before getting into the program. We met with the previous class when we started July 2010. They told us, "Get ready for your social life to end. You will have no life other than studying." I wish I would have listened. In the beginning it wasn't that bad. Now that we have clinicals, care plans, and exams every week..... It is just plain HARD. I have a job that I am going to have to give up Summer and Fall semesters.( WHich I am very upset about.) You will be at school 5 days a week (all day long.) I personally average 4 hours of sleep a night, Sun.- Wed. nights. This program is no joke. The instructors on the other hand, are amazing. I love every single one of them. They really want to help you, and will stop at nothing to see you reach your full potential. Some interview questions are just like Jessica said earlier. A few questions that they will ask you are, "Is nursing an art or a science?" "If you were to see other students cheating, what would you do?" , and maybe..."What are your support systems? Do you have a job, and if so, are you financially able to give it up for this program?" I hope I helped someone. I will check back soon to see if I can help ya'll some more. Good luck!
  10. Equestrian

    Frustrated with having to work

    Please be proud of what you do. It is a great responsibility, and there are only a few good nurses out there. :)
  11. Equestrian

    RN use of ultrasound in fetal demise cases

    Of course no one was physically hurt... It was an ultrasound. The only one hurting in this situation was the patient. April, I think you were acting as a wonderful nurse. I couldn't imagine the emotional pain that patient was feeling, and you were trying to help her. I am a beginning ADN student, and I know I don't know much yet. I do know that there are things nurses "can do" and "cannot do." I am sorry that you were punished, but like everyone else said nurses aren't ultrasound techs or radiologists. "Scope of Practice"