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Cardiac Surgical ICU

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    Is CNS a master's degree?

    I am so confused. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I would really appreciate it. CNS or AAPN, with these do you receive a master's degree? Or are they like certifications? Thank you :)
  2. Jenn329

    MSN/MBA vs. MSN Nurse Admin./Executive

    ok this is probably a dumb question...but to complete an MSN/MBA program wouldn't I have had to majored in business as well?
  3. Jenn329

    Personal liability insurance why or why not?

    Can anyone direct me to where I could obtain this insurance? Thanks!
  4. Jenn329

    Doors to patient rooms: open or closed?

    I work in an open bed unit. No doors to worry about. :)
  5. We have 1:1 if the pt is on CVVH or is really unstable. 1:2 if the patient comes back from open heart with an open chest and LVAD.
  6. Jenn329

    Really bad day

    Oh wow that must have been terrifying I'm a new grad in an open heart unit. I bet we can swap stories and information.
  7. Jenn329

    Stress in nursing--questions...

    How about what stresses you out the most in nursing? And on a daily basis from 0-10 how stressed would you say you are?
  8. Jenn329

    organizational sheet?

    I have something I made during school but I don't know how to attach the file
  9. Jenn329

    Your dumbest financial mistakes

    eek! yeah true! Right now my biggest concerns are my student loans and a wedding!
  10. Jenn329

    Your dumbest financial mistakes

    I've been very careful about putting a certain amount of each paycheck into my savings account :)
  11. Jenn329

    CEU question

    From what I understand it's based on merit. But if they choose to audit you, you better have proof you have the CEU's!
  12. Jenn329

    Feeling worn out all the time

    I feel the same way! It's so frustrating!!
  13. Jenn329

    How much do you get paid?

    23 an hour in PA
  14. Jenn329

    How to refer to self when writing a nursing note

    I just leave all of that out completely...for example: pt became tachycardic. MD notified. Received order to perform 12 lead. Something like that.
  15. Jenn329

    Most ridiculous patient requests?

    I worked as a secretary in an outpatient physician's office and as a patient was leaving, he walked up to the front desk and asked for a toothpick lol. Sorry sir this isn't a restaurant!
  16. Jenn329

    best nclex cd program?

    I was lucky, my school required it. It was included in my tuition.
  17. Jenn329

    best nclex cd program?

    Definitely Kaplan! The qbank is really hard, but once you complete it, you'll be ready! Plus, they have a money back guarantee. The questions really get you in the mindset for answering the NCLEX Q's...the tests are even set up like the NCLEX.
  18. Jenn329

    Any info at all on bkat 8 pleeeaassse

    I think I took this today....it was 90 multiple choice questions based off of things one would encounter in a critical care setting. For example: Signs of increased ICP. What does CVP measure? ID various cardiac dysrhymias. Basically it was being used as a way to see what type of knowledge new hires have prior to starting the Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO) course. Don't sweat it! Most of them were really obvious! If you have any background in critical care it will be a breeze, and if not you will still know most of them regardless! Hope that helps! Good luck!
  19. Jenn329

    What is the funniest thing a patient has ever said to you?

    During an internship in the ICU, I had a very confused pt who came in from a nursing home. She screamed "get away from me!" all day...even when she was alone! During lunch one of the nurses comes up to me and says "hey your patient is trying to sell oranges!" I step out of the break room and hear, "ORANGES!!!!!!!!! ORANGES FOR SALE!!!!!!" An hour later it was tomatoes...quite an eventful day to say the least!