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A healthcare leader that started my career in the laboratory, then nursing (BSN). Recently obtained a doctorate in healthcare administration and working in a leadership role.

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MLTtonursing is a BSN and specializes in Med Surg, Nursing Home, Research, Admin.

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  1. Alternative Options for Doctorate

    I agree with saheckler, BSN, RN about choosing the type of doctoral degree you want based on your career goals. I knew when I finished my BSN program I wanted to further my education in healthcare leadership. I read a lot of helpful input from allnur...
  2. Financial Aid Assistance

  3. How to become a clinical nurse researcher

    I replied to a couple of the forums concerning research nursing tonight. I started out with no experience in research. I just applied and they gave me a chance. I ended up going to another facility and got hired. Both were teaching hospitals so I wou...
  4. Clinical Research Nurse job search help

    I recently replied to another forum concerning research. Have you tried looking at a teaching hospital for research jobs. I was able to gain research nurse positions with no experience by applying at a research hospital.
  5. Need Advice on Nurse Research Career

    It is possible. I currently work at a teaching hospital that conducts different clinical research. I have worked at two different clinics that conducted research for the the teaching hospital. When I was in nursing school we had a nursing research c...
  6. The Resilient RN/New~Nurse

    I have not been on here for awhile and just wanted to say Congrats.
  7. Where do I NCLEX-Re-Begin...

    We all have different paths in life that we take where the unexpected sometimes happens. From reading your post its seems you put a lot of time and effort into this. You have a right to go through your emotions of how you feel. Stay focused and stron...
  8. Passed NCLEX, PVT, UWorld July 12

    Congrats to you both.
  9. Passed nclex 3rd time. Read my story and how i did it

    Congrats to you. I am so happy that you obtained your dreams. I really enjoyed reading your story. I am sure that this will give many students on here hope. Thank you for posting your story.
  10. Potential LPN and RN nurses

    I wrote this article because I see many students asking about information and the first place to go is the school you plan on attending. Here is some random information to get you started. Check to see when is the deadline for the application for the...
  11. Nursing Students Retaking Classes

    My topic is Nursing Students Retaking Classes. I read on hear alot of times of students that have failed a class and think they should give up, but sometimes failing a class has alot to do with evaluating the why. That is why I wrote the article. Alo...
  12. Those trying to decide on LPN or RN

    Thank you.
  13. NCLEX retakers

    I hope by all the views I have gotten this article has helped atleast one person.
  14. NCLEX help July 2016

    From many of the posts I've read you have a good chance. Especially if after 24 hours you still get the good pop up.
  15. Graduated Nursing School and Passed NCLEX

    Congrats. You made it and was able to share your story, which will help others. I loved LaCharity also for studying for NCLEX.