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  1. MLTtonursing

    The Resilient RN/New~Nurse

    I have not been on here for awhile and just wanted to say Congrats.
  2. MLTtonursing

    Where do I NCLEX-Re-Begin...

    We all have different paths in life that we take where the unexpected sometimes happens. From reading your post its seems you put a lot of time and effort into this. You have a right to go through your emotions of how you feel. Stay focused and strong and you will make it through this.
  3. MLTtonursing

    Passed NCLEX, PVT, UWorld July 12

    Congrats to you both.
  4. MLTtonursing

    Passed nclex 3rd time. Read my story and how i did it

    Congrats to you. I am so happy that you obtained your dreams. I really enjoyed reading your story. I am sure that this will give many students on here hope. Thank you for posting your story.
  5. MLTtonursing

    Potential LPN and RN nurses

    I wrote this article because I see many students asking about information and the first place to go is the school you plan on attending. Here is some random information to get you started. Check to see when is the deadline for the application for the program. You need to make sure you have everything needed to complete your application in before the deadline date. Make sure you have take tests needed to be considered for the program completed. example:Entrance HESI, TEAS, etc. Check to make sure you have your pre reqs and the grade point average for that program to be able to apply. Make sure you know about tuition or scholarships for that school. Have any immunizations that may be asked for in the application but again everything depends on the program you apply to. I hope this article has helped at least one person.
  6. MLTtonursing

    Nursing Students Retaking Classes

    My topic is Nursing Students Retaking Classes. I read on hear alot of times of students that have failed a class and think they should give up, but sometimes failing a class has alot to do with evaluating the why. That is why I wrote the article. Alot of times a person doesn't know where or who to turn to out of shame, embarrassment, disbelief you name it. Sometimes all many students have is allnurses to turn to when they feel they can't talk to anybody else to get advice from. So I hope all that have viewed my article it has helped someone in a positive way. I have known many people who have been in this situation over the years and sometimes all it take is evaluating where you went wrong and changing those things.
  7. MLTtonursing

    Those trying to decide on LPN or RN

    Thank you.
  8. MLTtonursing

    NCLEX retakers

    I hope by all the views I have gotten this article has helped atleast one person.
  9. MLTtonursing

    NCLEX help July 2016

    From many of the posts I've read you have a good chance. Especially if after 24 hours you still get the good pop up.
  10. MLTtonursing

    Graduated Nursing School and Passed NCLEX

    Congrats. You made it and was able to share your story, which will help others. I loved LaCharity also for studying for NCLEX.
  11. MLTtonursing

    HESI EXit retakers

    The questions were from Elsevier. The HESI book had a code on the front cover where you could register with Elsevier which had some practice tests.
  12. MLTtonursing

    NCLEX RN on 6/28 and think I Failed

    Congrats to you.
  13. MLTtonursing

    NCLEX retakers

    I have read on here of those having trouble taking the NCLEX. I want to say don't give up. We all know areas that we are weak in. So take the time to know those areas. I also want to say know how to answer the question. Sometimes I don't think it not knowing the content, I think it's not knowing how to answer the question. When I took my NCLEX for RN a couple years ago, I studied with the LaCharity book. I felt like the book taught me how to answer the interventions, action, and priority questions. If you are not good at answering questions find questions that will help you get stronger doing so. Good luck to all of you, you made it this far you can do it.
  14. Today I just want to give some advice to those deciding on schools that cost twice as much to be in their program. l know how hard it is to get accepted into a nursing program. I know that everybody has their own time when they think they should be in school. But I want to say step back and think things through. Look at the starting pay for nursing in your area and other areas you may wish to live. Because remember when you get out of school you still have to live. If you can wait to go to a cheaper school think about it this way, you have time to save up for your expenses in nursing school. Happy deciding to you all.
  15. MLTtonursing

    Those trying to decide on LPN or RN

    I can't by any means tell anyone which program to choose, but base it on your life and not others. I have read on here numerous times individuals who can't decide. I say first look at where you are in life. Are you a person with just yourself to take care of or a family. Look at how much you will need to get by while going to school. Try to find out about where you clinicals (may be a big factor for those who have small ones). Decide if you need to finish quickly or you have time for a extra year or two. Those who choose LPN try to see if the school you are interested in may offer a bridge program later on for RN. Good luck to all of you.
  16. MLTtonursing

    Nursing Students Retaking Classes

    I know that it is easier said than done, but if you want it you will do it. If you really want to do nursing, find out where you went wrong and try again. If you know you weren't getting the grasp of something, get help so the next time you will make it. Life gets in the way some have it better than others, but as a nurse you will need that drive to take care of your patients. Pick yourself up and believe in yourself and try again. Sending out good vibes to whoever needs to hear this.