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  1. canut

    Starting WGU 04/2018

    Scheduled to start MSN in Leadership and Management 4/18.
  2. canut


    I am looking to hear from others whom have worked at or are currently working for Healthsouth. Good place to work? I have researched the company and there seems to be mixed reviews, it just depends on the state. I have not been able to locate any reviews from people who have worked for Healthsouth in Nevada, so any input would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  3. canut

    Nurse to pt. ratio

    What are the nurse to pt ratios in Nevada? In particular the Henderson/Las Vegas areas. TIA
  4. canut

    How much time a day to dedicate to studying for NCLEX-RN?

    I too am interested in seeing how others answer
  5. canut

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    I just got my acceptance letter! :) Happy dance!!!!!
  6. canut

    Just got my acceptance letter!!

    Congrats! Very happy for you!
  7. canut


    I would like to find out from people who have gone through UNM's BSN program. How long did it take to find out you were accepted into the program? TIA
  8. canut

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    I feel like time is standing still! I haven't gotten the dreaded reject email, so I keep waiting for the snail mail to arrive. Of course, the mail is running late today, its usually here by now! I run to look out the window every time I hear a car drive by. Where the heck is the mailman!
  9. canut

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    I think I am wearing out the rug pacing back and forth! I know I should be hearing something. I am going crazy with anticipation! My email hates me for checking it so frequently!
  10. I just applied to a school where below 76% is a fail. I heard that this standard is set because if you can't get above 76% in school you would fail the NCLEX.
  11. canut

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    I am waiting. I should hear something this week or next. Crossing my fingers. Applied for a BSN program. Can't wait to hear back! The days are dragging!
  12. canut

    Any one else applying right now

    OMG! You have to wait until late April?! Yikes! I know what you mean about checking, you know nothing has changed, but you just can't help but look. You never know, there could be some sort of sign.
  13. I will be submitting my application in the next couple of days to get into the nursing program at the local University. Just wanted to see if anyone else is doing the same so we can wait out our "acceptance" letters together.
  14. canut

    Pathophysiology Spring 2012

    Oh, micro and both A&P's were a prerequisite at my college. Had my first lecture today. Doesn't seem too bad with the information that was introduced today, some vocab (not complex; easier than A&P) but rather interesting. I will keep you posted on how things progress. My first quiz is on the 23rd which will be here before I know it. My professor is great, he records his lectures and uploads them so the class to download from blackboard!
  15. canut

    Question about taking Chemistry

    Chemistry is a lot of math. I took my Chemistry during a summer. I broke a few fingers and sprained my wrist a few weeks into the semester, was in a lot of pain and managed to survive. I had to do my practical one handed , needless to say, having the chemistry helps further on done the line. A lot of the courses will also brush up a bit on the chemistry a bit just to help refresh everyone. I wouldn't worry too much.
  16. canut

    Pathophysiology Spring 2012

    CinDRnyc, Ooo, your taking Patho online, that sounds brave. Mine is a bit of a hybrid even though I didn't sign up for a hybrid, that is just how my professor runs his classes. We will submit homework, quizzes and exams online. He likes to reserve "in" class time strictly for lectures. My class starts on Tuesday, so I will keep you posted. Side note: I noticed in another thread you mentioned you are taking Intro to Statistics, I am taking that also. I am a bit nervous because my DH keeps calling it Sadistics and he has a financial degree. Maybe he is just being a pill and trying to freak me out. I am usually pretty good at math, so........ we will see.