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  1. overwhelmed! help!

    thanks for the advice :)
  2. LPN programs?

    I'm attending St Joseph's school of nursing.. they offer Health occupations, LPN, LPN to RN, and RN programs!
  3. overwhelmed! help!

    Hey everyone, This is my 3rd week in an LPN program. I'm so overwhelmed.. I study like crazy and I still do bad on the tests.. I don't exactly know how to study for critical thinking tests and when I look at my scores I'm getting really discouraged.....
  4. Piercings While Taking CNA Course & Clinical?

    you can only have studs
  5. Does anyone get their books unbound?

    You could always place the pages in a big binder. It's not like it originally was but atleast you wont loose the pages or anything!
  6. Piercings While Taking CNA Course & Clinical?

    I have a lip piercing as well and I'm going to be starting Nursing school in 4 days. They haven't said anything about it yet but I know once it comes time for clinicals they will tell me. I've had mine for atleast 2 years now.. I'm going to take mine...
  7. St. Joseph's School of Nursing LPN 2010

    Missingunc How do you like the program the school offers? I've talked to some people and they said that they really enjoyed it. The nurse who actually gave me my mantoux test for school graduated from St. Joe's
  8. St. Joseph's School of Nursing LPN 2010

    No it's not too difficult. Just make sure you study for the teas exam so you can get in and yes they take credit transfers if you send in a transcript from the school
  9. St. Joseph's School of Nursing LPN 2010

    Yeah, thats true! :)
  10. St. Joseph's School of Nursing LPN 2010

    Yeah I meant all my books for 1st semester but I know it came so quickly it starts in 2 weeks! Yeah thats all we have to bring and a Birth Certificate if you didn't already show it to them. I didn't stay for the tour after the TEAS exam so I'm going ...
  11. St. Joseph's School of Nursing LPN 2010

    Yes i've gotten all my books, i ordered most of mine of amazon. how about you? I'm also very excited but i'm also pretty nervous.. haha
  12. best book to study for the teas test has the study guides for the test. if you now what version of the test you are taking you can also look on amazon for cheaper prices. I took TEAS version 3.0/4.0 and bought the study guide for that from that website.
  13. Need to know what kind of Math is on TEAS test at UCF

    it depends, what version of the test are you taking? I took version 3.0/4.0 and EVERYTHING that was in the book for the math section was on the test.
  14. Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    Why do you even bother posting threads if you are so against going into the nursing career? More than one person has posted a thread like this and all your doing is annoying everyone on this site. Most people choose a career because its something the...
  15. I am so sick....

    i agree!