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  1. snp81

    AF April 2011 Board Selections

    Congrats to everyone! I am an alternate but sincerely hope to be apart of this wonderful service. Intergrity first. Service before self. Excellence in all we do.
  2. Hi- I wanted to start a thread for the selected and alternates from the 04/2011 AF NTP Board. I was selected as #1 alternate for OB. I really hope a slot will open! Any other alternate's out there? I've seen a couple of post from some of the selected and it looks like they all got Oct. COT dates. Congrats!
  3. snp81

    Air Force NTP Board 4/5

    Just heard from my recruiter and I was selected as #1 alternate for OB track. He said that the 22 selected will not be going anywhere till Oct. and I have until April 2012 to be picked up or I will have to redo my packet. I just hope I get picked up!
  4. snp81

    AF 2011 Boards

    Anybody else going to the April 5th 2011 NTP boards for selection? Anybody already selected and waiting to go to COT? Im wondering, if selected in this board, how long before I would go to COT??
  5. snp81

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    The next NTP board is April 5th. Packages must be sent by March 8th. I just finished signing it all to be sent in. Still no word on how many they are taking tho:confused:
  6. snp81

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    Last I heard from my recruiter was there was going to be a March board for FY2012 selection. Although he said he was unsure at this time the amount of RN's that would be selected for FY2012. Im under the impression it will be a small number.
  7. snp81

    AF Nursing, yes or no?

    Oh midinphx- You are making me nervous about joining. I have two young children and really want to be sure that I have days off to spend with them.
  8. snp81

    Next Air Force NTP Boards in 2010?

    Does anyone know how many slots are available for new grad nurses in 2011. My packet is ready and I guess waiting for the JAN 2011 board. Just wondering what the chances of being selected or not based on the amount of slots compared to the number of applicants.
  9. snp81

    Air Force only having one board this year?

    I spoke with my recruiter and it is true....the next new grad/NTP board will not be until Jan 2011, and it's the only NTP board for 2011. I guess they had a big influx of nurses over the last couple of years. Has anyone heard how many new grad nurses they will be accepting for 2011?
  10. snp81

    Air Force Background check

    I just got cleared at MEPS and my fingerprints came back with a contempt of court in 2002. I was forthcoming about this incident to the recruiter and he said not to worry about it because it happened in the USVI and was supposed to come off my record. I was the victim in the case and was supposed to testify against another individual who had already left the island. I spoke with the DA and told them this person no longer was there and was given the impression that I did not have to attend this court date. Needless to say the judge didnt feel the same way and arrested me for contempt. I was the victim! After my arrest I was told it would come off my record. Apparently Not! The recruiter says I have to write a statement and a Commander has to clear me. Im so nervous that this will disqualify me or I want be able to get the security clearance. Anybody out there who has advice or was in a similar situation, I'd love to read it!
  11. snp81

    Going to MEPS

    Thanks LunahRN! I will be going to the Nashville MEPS. Anyone ever experience this one?
  12. snp81

    Going to MEPS

    Thanks for all the info! What labs do they draw?
  13. snp81

    Going to MEPS

    I am scheduled to go to MEPS this Friday. Looking for any info about what this day is going to entail. How long is the day? I've read they can be stingy with your height, is this the norm? How soon after MEPS will I get to schedule the interview? Should I bring anything? What should I wear? Sports bra and boy cut underwear? Thanks for any answers!!
  14. snp81

    US Air Force COT 10-06

    Im having trouble finding a facebook COT site that's not private.
  15. snp81

    US Air Force COT 10-06

    Gerrib83- My application is going to the Oct. boards as well (I hope)! Is your recruiter telling you what COT date they anticipate you will be going to?
  16. snp81

    Commission and Benefits

    Thanks for the info Carolinapooh! Tammy-I love this site also. Good luck with your Army commission!

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