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  1. PequeSD

    New grad looking for a job, but wants a vacation

    I had planned two separate one week vacations within a couple months of being hired at my job and mentioned it to them right when I got the offer. I wouldn't mention vacation plans during a first interview, but if you get a good sense about a job I would mention it when you get an offer and the ball is in your court. I would just be very clear that you really want the job, are serious about the commitment, but that this trip is also very important. I think that once they offer you the job (and have narrowed down the candidates) they will be more willing to be flexible with your request since they've decided that they like you. Good luck!
  2. PequeSD

    MGH ABSN 2011

    thank you! im just so nervous...i want to hear back already
  3. PequeSD

    Chemistry-?! where to start..

    my chemistry lifeline was hiring a tutor ( a lot of college tutors charge about $10/hour). Sometimes reading the book and notes is no good and having someone put it in their own words makes a world of a difference. It was a lot of money for me at the time but after getting an A the money was well worth it!
  4. PequeSD

    MGH ABSN 2011

    does anyone have any info about when we should be hearing back from admissions?
  5. I live in San Diego and I'm looking into nursing programs in Boston. I have found 7 that I want to apply to including simmons, mgh, northeastern, curry, umass, regis, and bc. I am interested in visiting each school during October because some of the schools have information sessions where I could go and talk to some people one on one about the program. Do you think visiting the schools and having face time with program directors before I apply will be helpful? Plane tickets and hotels aren't exactly cheap from SD but I am more than willing to go. I also have another issue....I have a good GPA and pre-req grades but do you think I'm at a disadvantage being from CA? I heard that MA schools dont like west coast people because they want to train someone who will stay in MA, but on the other hand, I've heard that out of state people pay an arm and a leg more so they like us???....I really want to get in
  6. Hi I am applying to pretty much all ABSN and Masters Entry programs in Boston at the end of this year/beginning of next year. I'm really interested in UMass, MGH, BC, Simmons, Northeastern but since I live in San Diego, CA I don't know anyone that can give me advice for Boston schools. I currently have a 3.2GPA with A's in nearly all my pre-reqs and a B in one, doing some voulunteering at a hospital, but these are things im sure nearly everyone is doing. Can anyone who is currently enrolled or applying offer any advice to what would better my chances of getting in?
  7. I'm applying to the accelerated bachelors at MGH this November. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed since this is the first of many nursing schools I will be applying to in Boston. I currently have a 3.2 GPA with a couple A's and B's in the pre-reqs. I'm also doing this internship that's basically hands on and working directly with patients in a hospital. I wanted to see if those who are in the program or applying can offer some advice to how to improve the chances of getting in.