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  1. elliesa

    Relocating to Greenville

    Hi! My family is moving to Greenville and I am a pediatric emergency RN. I am hoping to find a job this summer or fall. Just wondering about job prospects and pay in the Greenville area. Thank you!
  2. elliesa

    University of Michigan- Flint info???

    Got my acceptance letter yesterday for the U of M Flint accelerated program!! So happy:)
  3. elliesa

    Michigan State Accelerated Program

    Sorry to hear that. I know how you feel! Did you apply other places? I also applied to U of M, U of M Flint, OU, and Madonna.
  4. elliesa

    Michigan State Accelerated Program

    Hello everyone, I got a letter from MSU today. I didn't get in:( For those of you who want my info: I had a 4.0 in prerequisites, graduated from MSU 20 years ago with a 2.98 undergrad GPA. Good luck to all!!
  5. elliesa

    Michigan State Accelerated Program

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything yet or if anyone knows when we'll find out if we got in or not...
  6. Has anyone applied to the MSU nursing program for 2011?
  7. Hello, I applied to the traditional and accelerated programs at EMU for nursing this year. I got two rejection letters today. I had a 4.0, got all the points on the TEAS that I needed, and had some volunteer experience at Hospice. I am so bummed...