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  1. ttpurtee


    As a nurse, or medical professional, is it valuable information to know how many calories a patient eats per day? I have a friend who is a RN and she says that is valuable information, but I can't see how that would be important. TIA
  2. ttpurtee

    Nursing Job

    I am a high school math teacher and somedays when I am done with the school day, I am beat. I have nothing left to give my own family. It is not like that everyday but somedays in addition by friday for sure, I am whipped I can hardly do anything else except fall into the bed asleep. That sounds horrible doesn't it. I was wondering if nursing was the same way, by the end of your work week are you so whipped you can hardly do anything with anyone else? I know different parts of nursing are different, but the nurses that respond are you pooped out on a daily basis after work, are you pooped out ( I mean pooooped, like you can hardly do anything) after a work week. Or after doing the nursing job, do you still have energy after work to do other things? Just wondering on the quality of life nursing provides. I have very little energy after teaching high school all day, I don't know if it is where I teach or the subject that I teach, or I know other teachers feel the same.
  3. ttpurtee

    Nursing as Medical Technology

    I was wondering if nursing is considered part of the medical technology field?
  4. ttpurtee

    Brain of a Nurse

    Would you say that a registered nurse, needs to be very analytical (detail oriented) or not so much. Thanks for you input.
  5. ttpurtee

    Birth Control Pill Question

    Is it weird that bc pill makes me feel better? They also help me lose weight. I don't know why. I have less/ more tolerable PMS when on birth control pills. I have two kids and since my second child was born I have had horrible PMS, for like two weeeks before my period and then bad cramps for the week of. So I really only have 1 good week. Is it normal to have a change in your periods after having a child? I am not a medical professional, so I was wondering if there was a medical reason that bc pill (I take Yaz to be specific) would have this effect on you. The only thing that I don't like is you are not suppose to be in the sun with the birth control pills or a tanning bed because it makes brown splotches/spots on your skin. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. ttpurtee

    Cardiac Nurses

    If you don't feel comfortable giving me your thoughts on this situation that is fine. I just wondered from actual nurses what they thought about it. My father is a RN, but he is to close to the situation to talk about it with me.
  7. ttpurtee

    Cardiac Nurses

    The nurses acually told me that she was not getting enough oxygen to her brain becaue she kept fainting. She was also in moderate (it seemed like it got worse after all this happened) alzheimers. I don't know if alzheimers has anything to do with not getting enough oxygen to her brain. However the day before she died her alzheimers was bad. I mean really bad, she had been divorced from my grandfather for about 30 years and spoke about him as if they were still married. That is something she never, NEVER would have done in her right mind.
  8. ttpurtee

    Cardiac Nurses

    It also may give more information, I don't know if it will or not, but she also had alzheimers.
  9. ttpurtee

    Cardiac Nurses

    There was one full day that she was not getting enough oxygen to her brain because she kept fainting in her bed. She was moved out of ICU, but when she started fainting they put her back in ICU and that next morning they got her up to walk and she collapsed and died.
  10. ttpurtee

    Cardiac Nurses

    My grandmother had a widow maker heart attack and was in ICU, well the she died 4 days later in the hospital. My question is why did the nurses not tell me that my grandmother had such a severe heart attack and was not expected to leave the hospital alive. They would never tell us when she was going to leave the hospital. Also, do they allow children in the ICU? Because they allowed both of my kids in ICU, when she had her heart attack. After they went in there I felt it was not a place for kids, I was wondering if they did it because they didn't expect her to make it. The next day they got her up to walk and she collapsed, they did CPR, which got her heart beating, but she could not breath on her own, so they put her on a ventilator until my uncle got there. Also the day before they said that she was not getting enough oxygen to her brain. I just wondered if anyone knew anything about this.