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Bebet39 specializes in LTC, hospice, home health.

I am a student nurse.

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  1. Bebet39

    Debunk myth of online programs

    What is this DNP thing for NPs?
  2. Bebet39

    Debunk myth of online programs

    So I guess it doesn't matter if you earn an ASN from Excelsior and then go for the BSN; will a hospital then still hire that nurse?
  3. Bebet39

    Excelsior Graduates!

    I would like to know if they are any Excelsior graduates in Florida? If so, was it difficult to find a job? Is Florida hiring Excelsior graduates?
  4. Bebet39

    Is anyone a certified legal nursing consultant ?

    Funny that no one has answered. Have you checked the specialty area of this forum? Maybe you should post your question there also. I would like to know about this field as well. Been looking to get into it.
  5. Bebet39

    Failed again....reallly bummed

    Pregnancy doesn't make anybody dumber. You might not be able to concentrate, but you will get over that. Just wait til after you have the baby and try again.
  6. Bebet39

    CPNE Testing Site in Florida?

    I'm so glad that they now have a testing site in Florida. Makes it so much easier.
  7. If an individual has a job promised to them after graduation and its a gurantee then they can go for it. But if there's no money, how will this individual pay the money back? People lose their jobs sometimes without expecting it too, which makes it hard to pay a monthly installment.
  8. Bebet39

    Keiser University Nursing Program

    You have to be careful, because some of these schools may be considered only career colleges. So check with each individual school, like to if universities take their credits or not. Some privates schools are not accepted. Maybe if you go to another private school, they might not have a problem with it.
  9. Bebet39

    Question About Broward College Admission PreReqs

    Its true they admit you with just those prereqs. Then in order to obtain your AS, you would complete those courses. But yes, Broward College isn't that hard to get into. Are you an LPN?
  10. But these little private schools don't have semesters like a traditional college. They're over-priced and plus they have it where you have to take out the loan for the entire school year. Do they cancel these loans? After taking the loans, do they return the remaining amount back to the lender? Why is there a monthly payment after financial aid? These schools are too expensive versus the time (only a few months compared to a two or four year college). Its not such a good deal. Is best to go to a community college where you get your monies worth. If nest semester you cannot attend for whatever apparent reason, you just don't register.
  11. Well, that's precisely the point. If one takes out a loan that means the individual has no money in the first place. Just because you take out doesn't mean you have money. If you have to take out loans you have no business going to a particular school.
  12. Bebet39

    CPNE Testing Site in Florida?

    Thanks for that info. Just wasn't sure, but its good for me.
  13. Someone told me yesterday that students are getting kicked out of these schools due to nonpayment of monthly installments. If they miss three payments, they're out of the program-eventhough they already took out loans. This is insanity! :uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3: What is your opinion on this?
  14. Bebet39

    CPNE Testing Site in Florida?

    Thanks! I don't mind the wait, because that will give me time to prepare. So if there's a 7-8 months wait, that means the alot of people in Florida are jumping on the bandwagon. That's music to their ears!
  15. Bebet39

    CPNE Testing Site in Florida?

    Does anyone know if there are any cpne testing sites in Florida?
  16. Bebet39

    How different is RN school from LPN training

    Yeah, I agree. College is so different; at least you can record the lectures.