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Saiderap has 25 years experience and specializes in retired from healthcare.

Has worked in home care, nursing homes and boarding houses.  

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  1. I have looked at a number of surgery center websites and some of them do not even display their credentials. Some others talk about getting Medicare certification but do not display this on their website. I was trying to find out if Medicare certification serves as a substitute for accreditation from AAAHC or Joint Commission accreditation and if this would be why a surgery center would talk only about Medicare certification and not about being accredited by AAAHC or any other entities. I also do not see why so many centers do not even display any credentials on their website and instead are full of propaganda. The propaganda can be insulting with no mention of accreditations.
  2. Saiderap

    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    Even on some jobs where you can get away with watching TV and sitting around, this will be full of interruptions from your patients and you better get used to it.
  3. Saiderap

    Nurse opinions on "Birth Rape"

    Technically, this sounds right. Just one problem though, when someone is in labor, they can be irrational and not know what they need. There are some mothers who if they had not had an episiotomy, would have ended up with a dead or severely compromised baby. A midwife or doctor saving the life of a baby and drastically cutting the mothers labor time might get screamed at by the laboring mother and thanked by her later.
  4. Saiderap

    I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    I always carried those big eucalyptus cough drops for situations like this. They have a really strong taste and smell that tends to over power what I don't like.
  5. Saiderap

    What % of women don't know basics of female anatomy?

    I would have thought she had some dementia, either/or, she was being sarcastic. I would not even dare to use names for body parts like the ones used above so you must have been working there a long time or be like very well to get away with it.
  6. Saiderap

    "Nurses Eating Their Young"

    I think the real myth is more that no one ever takes a good look at how they're contributing to their own problems. Some of these people really don't know why they're being humiliated and that's why it's so frustrating. Most of my R.N. teachers helped to empower me and also explained where I went wrong out on the floor in a private conference. If they had not told me what I was doing wrong, I would never know and no amount of introspection would have helped.
  7. Saiderap

    What do you do when Work calls on your day off?

    When work calls, I try to remember the times when I was stuck at work for 16 to 24 hours or more and sometimes missed what I had been looking forward to because someone canceled out. I also remember working a shift in place of someone who had to go to a wedding and who had gotten stuck at work. Had I ignored the phone, it might have meant that someone missed the wedding they were invited to or that an exhausted person had to work the shift. They really just need to hire as many per diem people as they can.
  8. Saiderap

    Salinas Valley State Prison

    Did you think to call them and say, "Can I have some feedback on my application?"
  9. Saiderap

    Would You Stop to Provide Medical Care?

    The problem with driving by when someone else is on the scene is that they might have no cel phone, no emergency medical experience, and not know how to take care of patients. The same indignation you get when understaffed at work could also happen at accident scenes since there might be more victims than first responders. Also, don't forget the ones who stop to stare and who might be a threat to the victims. I do agree that when EMS gets there that you should usually keep driving
  10. Saiderap

    Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    What it sounds like you and the patient might have done was change the subject on him. He wanted to talk about the care plan and his perception of it was that you and the patient wanted to talk about something else. You said the question was "nothing medical related." Changing the subject can be interpreted as disrespectful. I sometimes get upset when I want to talk about something and I think someone is hijacking the conversation. I can also understand what you're saying as far as that when someone asks a question, it's natural to answer it. I don't know what the question was so I can't really say if he had a right to be offended or not. I notice though, that sometimes, even if you offer up an apology to people like this, it just doesn't make any difference.
  11. The important things in this thread were the safety issue and the embarrassment issue. In my work place they talked about the toilet seat in a staff meeting and did not mention names. As for the nurse whispering in your ear, well I think most people assume that men are not modest and not easily embarrassed. In this case, you felt violated and I don't think that was what she intended. When she used the word "follow..." well that was probably the wrong word to use and conveyed the wrong message. I don't think she was really "following" you. I don't think you should report it because it might take away your credibility. Even if you do, a good DoN might get you both together in the office to help improve your communication. I don't think she meant to be rude. Safety is important here and it might need another thread. One poster mentioned that someone had to be carried out by rescue when they did not see that the seat was down. For that one case, mentioned on public media, there are probably hundreds of others that the public has never heard about. I don't think someone really has to be helpless to hurt themselves when they do not notice that the lid was left up.
  12. I remember a few of us got in trouble for it. We exceeded out 30 minted.
  13. My social media accounts contain NO information about my patients or work places.
  14. Saiderap

    Physician Bullying of Nurses Reaching Epidemic Levels

    I was comparing notes with someone and we both saw it the same way. "When I wake up in the morning, my vocal cords are paralyzed, I can't get my eyes open and I can barely even think..." Speaking strictly for myself, when I'm woken up at night, there are times when my ears close up and I literally can't hear what people are saying to me. There have been times when a patient wakes me up for help and I can't hear them. I always dread waking a doctor up or waking up a nursing supervisor when working in private home care. I resent that this ever should be part of my job. The doctors and R.N. supervisors really need to make arrangements between themselves for someone who is awake at night or who wakes up with a smile to take nighttime calls.
  15. Saiderap

    How to deal with an aggressive dementia patient

    What really disturbs me is when I see or hear of patients like this who need to be in a locked unit or a psych ward where no visitors can enter or they need special equipment to protect their safety and no one seems to be concerned. I think it's time for a conference about this patient and time to find a locked unit for them.
  16. Saiderap

    Rude coworkers

    There are rude people in all workplaces so changing your field of work won't help. Some supervisors are highly protective and get rid of their rude employees and some others are oblivious and even lie to defend them. In nursing I think there are so many places you can work that you don't have to stay in a place where you feel insulted.

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