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  1. islandroots

    rn new grad training as tech?

    It is not about playing a role. As a dialysis RN, there is a great deal of autonomy. You have to be able to think on your feet and know what you are doing.I am not saying that they should be paid what a tech is paid but to think that a new nurse out of school should make the same amount as an RN with 18 solid months of experience is not really feasible. The RN has to know the water system, medication,labs,fluid, electrolytes, and lab values. They really do not teach that in nursing school. They showed us the unit and we kept on going. I have seen RN's come in and not know anything about dialysis. They are immediately paired with a tech, to get the hands on training.
  2. islandroots

    Do you bag your bodies naked?

    I work in a clinic, so my patients do not die here. But if I was going to be sending a patient out in a body bag, I would put a clean gown on. WHy? Because it would give ME a feeling of comfort. I would feel like I did my best for that patient even until the end. That is what nurses do. We are not robots. We have feelings.:heartbeat
  3. islandroots

    Skills Lab kit

    I don't know, but we were not allowed to buy useed either. We had to bring the reciept which was signed off by the teacher.
  4. islandroots

    Skills Lab kit

    Yes, my school made us buy that lab kit. It cost $125.00. All ot had in it was a few bandages, saline, i.v. start kits and stuff like that. We used 1 saline and 1 set of tubing out of the whole bag. We never used the other stuff. We were given everything we needed in the lab at school. When we questioned why we had to buy the kit, we were told that the school makes money on them. Mine is now in my garage.
  5. islandroots

    Dialysis Technicians -Let's Talk :)

    I am an RN now,but when I started dialysis, I was a tech. I learned dialysis on the job. I tried to go to every learning opportunity that I could. I never let my job title stop me from learning something new. I also became Bonent certified as soon as I learned about that. Now certification is mandatory. Then I became an lpn. Now an Rn.Never a dull moment. Good luck in your new career. Reply if you have questions or get discouraged and need an ear:).
  6. islandroots

    Dialysis Technicians -Let's Talk :)

    Take the position. I have found dialysis to be the most rewarding interesting job I have had. I have been here 23 years. The hours are long, but it is not a constant. Turnover is busy and then there is a lull. Know your labs, practice sticking a lot. Yiou will have plenty of time to get to know your patients. I had 1 patient for 7 years. 3 times a week. You do get to know them very well.
  7. islandroots

    Dialysis Technicians -Let's Talk :)

    Hi everyone out there that is interested in dialysis. I have been doing dialysis for the past 23 years. I started as a tech. Then I became a Bonent certified tech, then an lpn, now an rn. The davys are long and the work is hard. But I love ( yes love) what I do. I saw a lot of things in nursing school, but nothing compared to dialysis. It is fairly easy to get a job as a tech or a Rn, but if you are an lpn, you need to be creative to get in there.
  8. islandroots

    Dialysis Nurses--who's your favorite company to work for??

    I have woked in the private sector as well as for Davita. Davita used to be all about the staff and the patient. Now it is about the bottom line. They have lost site of their motto. To be the provider of choice. A really large number of the staff is leaving for other companies. Kent Thiry brought this company from the brink of bankruptcy but it seems he has gone crazy just buying more and more clinics and running the whole thing like a factory. Not giving raises but so so bonuses. The administrators can also stall your career if they do not like you. They are not all bad, but some are...... I prefer the smaller company. Less perks but better salary. I can buy my own perks.
  9. islandroots

    Terrified of the stick :(

    Sticking the patiet is not as hard as it may seem. Feel the access. Then run your fingere along it to see which way it goes. Go in at a 45 degree angle. Once you feel th pop, level off and proceed slowly. If you feel resistance stops and see where the access is running. The first time I cannulated a patient, it took 6 sticks to get it right. I have now been in dialysis for 23 years. I still have a very rare infiltration. Just make sure you are comfortable and take your time. Try to start with only well developed fistulas. You can do it. Just get really comfortable with handling the needle. Good luck. I was a dialysis tech, then got certified, then an lpn, Now an RN. Practice and you will get it.
  10. islandroots

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    Google 'florida nursing license erification' scroll down to 'check exam results' I saw that I had passed 24 hours before I had a nursing license number or anything from pearsonview. I hope this helps. I was depressed until saw the pass result. Good luck.
  11. islandroots

    RN licensure question

    You only take nclex once(if you pass). Then you have to apply to the state board of where you move to and they check to make sure that you ar eligible to get a reciprocal license in there state.
  12. islandroots

    NCLEX lab values, therapeutic dose medication

    I am about to take nclex and do not even know where to begin to study. I keep buying books but I do not know how to begin. I graduated in May, and have not studied since.