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  1. A&P I, Spring, 2011 thru Edukan???

    what class are u in wht teacher do you have im in it right now you cant contact me personally
  2. A&P I, Spring, 2011 thru Edukan???

    hello i am presently in this class right now
  3. Anyone taking A&P I or Micro at Edukan this spring?

    im taking micro 1st session
  4. EduKan

    @Third watch how much would you be willing to sell your book for since u live in the l.a area? @BSNN. Sure we can be online study partners. I tried to get my other firned to sign up with me but she was procastinating and Im really seriosu about gett...
  5. EduKan

    @BSNN. I havent paid for my classes yet waiting to ge paid. did you have to pay the total bill or can we make payments did u get your book yet
  6. Any one took Micro & Ant &Phys II @ EDUKAN FALL2010

    @ third watch how did you do in the class. and where r u geting your test proctored at if u dont mind me asking since we live in the same area. are u taking anything else from edukan?
  7. Physiology course at Berkeley Extension

    How did you guys do . I am enrolling in the spring
  8. A&P 2 at Edukan anyone ?

    OMG Im so glad I did not sign up with him. I have piefer
  9. Any one took Micro & Ant &Phys II @ EDUKAN FALL2010

    Also @OldDog40 how is the work in the class and the test and grading system. im sure there is a lot of busy work
  10. EduKan

    No I start in the feb term. i should start in march term 8 week course. but im wondering if it is gonna be rediculously fast past and too much info at once
  11. Any one took Micro & Ant &Phys II @ EDUKAN FALL2010

    @OldDog40 Thanks 4 the info . its nice to get first hand info from people who have taken the class before or experiencing that the same thing you are. Are you in A&P 1 OR 2. I think Im signed up with piefer for that ? whats your take on that . Im...
  12. EduKan

    HEY Im Taking Walker too!
  13. Any Anatomy/A&P I courses offered online?

    how is his grading and work load are there test every week
  14. Any Anatomy/A&P I courses offered online?

    thanks. really appreciate the info. what else will you be taking?
  15. EduKan A&P

    so have i have have to retake them because my sciences are 5 yrs old. crazy