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    During our first rounds of clinicals we were given our our patients name and info on the morning we arrived at the hospital. For our second rounds we are at a different area hospital and are going to be given our patients name the night before. I was wondering about other students experiences how are you normally given your patients information on the morning you arrive or the night before clinicals? Also what information does your clinical instructor give you the night before?
  2. danger turtle

    Rank these classes by how hard they are

    ranking them hardest to easiest A&PI: hardest due to memorizing muscles and nerves Developmental Psychology (Human Growth & Development): remembering who said what when Microbiology A&PII Introduction to Sociology the last three were a breeze because I really enjoyed them which made it so much easier to learn
  3. danger turtle

    nursing diagnosis help please

    Not wanting to change you whole diagnosis but I would put Risk for impaired parenting r/t physical illness secondary to hyperthyroidism aeb patient verbalization of exhaustion and weakness. I used parenting just because the instructor tossed in the fact that she was a young mother.
  4. danger turtle

    Horrible at word problems

    The drama club sold 240 tickets to the play. They sold 20 more student tickets than adult tickets. How many of each type of ticket did they sell Since there is just 2 groups 1 of students and 1 of adults divide the total number of tickets by 2 which equals 120. That means 120 student tickets and 120 adult tickets but if they sold more student tickets than adult tickets you need to subtract tickets from the adults and give to the students but the 2 groups must still always equal 240 so if you add five to the students you must take them away from the adults
  5. danger turtle

    booted from program 3 weeks before graduation.

    I'd like to know what the bogus reasons were as well The lawyer may get her some money but there is no way she will be able to graduate with all her classmates that she has been with for the last few years. After she sues her school there is no way they will let her back in. If she does get back in her teachers will be on her more than any other student and bounce her out on her first minor in fraction. If she lives in a big enough city that there is another NS in the area that she can finish her last year, the new school will want all her transcripts and will talk to her past instructors who advise them not to accept her based on the bogus reasons as well as the court case. If there is any chance these bogus reasons are real even a little bit I'd suck it up and try to apply at a different school to finish my last year after I was accepted than I would sue the first school
  6. danger turtle

    care plan help

    Impaired phyiscal mobility r/t nueromuscular impairment ?
  7. danger turtle

    Should I even be here taking up space?

    I'm sure I won't throw in the towel at least not until Oct. I'll stay until then for sure. It's just that almost everything that I have done for the last year was directed at getting me here and nw that I've arrived it doesn't seem to be what I had imagined and don't ask what I imagined because I don't know but it wasn't this. I have decided that I will do my first round of clinicals before I decide if I stay or not. If I don't get a sense of "This Is It" than maybe I should try something different because the world definitely does not need another nurse who does not want to be a nurse.
  8. For the last year I've studied my ass off trying to get to where I am today but now that I'm here I'm asking myself what am I doing here? I've just done the first week of classes and did great on the first small review test. Tuesday the classes start up after the long weekend. My problem is I just can't get motivated do this course, I've gotten all A's in all my courses up until now but now that I'm here I just can't get started. Classmates were telling me how long they prepared for this test I told them I studied into the night the night before as well, truth is I didn't study I did not even try hard on the test not one question did I even recheck.Classmates tell me they have reviewed and rewritten notes taken in class 2 or 3 times I have not been motivated enough to even carry my books out of the car in the house yet. I need to get motivated any motivation hints? Should I even be here taking up space if I just going to go through the motions?
  9. danger turtle

    Just recieved 2 of my books from amazon this morning

    Maybe I did judge it a little early without really looking at it. It received some good reviews and after looking at it a bit more I think it will make remembering some things easier. I guess I just expected something different
  10. I just got a couple of my nursing books this morning and was excited to open them and see what this fall semster was going to have in store for me. was I ever disappointed in both of them Any other program using Health Assessment made Incredibly Visual ? It looks like a health assessment for dummies type of book complete with cartoons definitely not very professional looking. The dosage calculation book looks like early high school math too Hoping the books start to lookbetter
  11. danger turtle


    I got in I start this fall I'm really looking forward to it bit nervous about mixing work with my schoolwork though wish I could just quit my job and study fulltime but think I'd get hungry fairly quickly:)
  12. danger turtle


    Anyone else here going to be starting their nursing program at WMCC in Berlin this fall?