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Critical Care Nursing AKA ICU
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RNTwin specializes in Critical Care Nursing AKA ICU.


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  1. RNTwin

    rn to pa

    not true... have a friend that is a micro major(worked as a lab tech for a yr or so) that just finished PA school.
  2. unrealistic expectation... that is it currently were i work the nurse is suppose to fill the home med req but we also have been told if the pt doesnt' come with Rx bottles or a med req from an outside facility we are not to write them down. b/c what is happening is that people are coming in saying i take toprol 50 mg bid when i reality they are taking toprol 25 mg bid or visversa also people are coming in saying they take "vicodin" for their "back pain" and in reality they are not taking anything
  3. CCU/CVICU if you want to learn cardiac. skip the floors they are worthless(sorry, to those that work there, no disrespect) if you want CRNA, go to CVICU!!!
  4. RNTwin

    Pushing Hydralazine

    it's called reflex. tachycardia
  5. RNTwin

    New Onset AFIB..Is it an emergency?

    It's not an EMERGENCY unless pt is symptomatic... but can soon be an emergency if you leave the pt alone...
  6. RNTwin

    Help with Scrub color.

    pink...can't go wrong :)
  7. RNTwin

    Problems with obtaining needed orders- advice appreciated.

    go up the chain of command....charge nurse>manage>director>physician>attending>medical director>etc... and document that you went up chain of command, the BON is very gray in alot of issues and they can interpret the rules as they please...
  8. CVICU in a teaching facility, we had so much autonomy that it was scary for alot nurses, many nurses left after working just a couple of shifts(2-5 shifts) we called it "cowboy nursing" Don't recommend it b/c i put my license on the line everyday that i clocked in for 7+yrs. glad to be out of that environment
  9. RNTwin

    Pinkett Smith Fires Entire "HawthoRNe" Tech Crew

    seriously doubt the american public wants to see what really happens as a nurse... -being sh!t at, sp!t at, cough on, cussed at -pt dying/coding and physician won't call back -the retarded nurses that some of us have the priviliege to work with -the retarded MDs that some of us have the priviliege to work with -the short staffing -the unrealistic pt assignments (have had the priviliege to take care of a IABP pt, CVVHD pt and another pt at the same time) GREAT TIMES.... -all the documentation that we have to do, just to make it seem that we're given this "great service" to the public actually it might be a great show to show the public the cr@p we as nurses put up with.....
  10. RNTwin

    Hourly Rounding

    Just remember, healthcare is a ILLUSION of great service. I really bothers me that "administration" that make decisions on how i do nursing at the bedside are so far removed from the bedside they have no idea what goes on. again it's the illusion of great healthcare.
  11. RNTwin

    IABP and CPR

    i was taught to put the datascope on "pressure" when coding a pt.
  12. RNTwin

    PRN fluid boluses post open heart?

    i use to work in a unit that nurses just gave products(blood, ffp, etc...) and then got orders after the fact... it was called "cowboy nursing"
  13. it won't ever change b/c nurses do it to themselves... and employers know they can get away with it. I for one always get my lunch and do my charting and still leave on time. in 8 yrs of doing this i've left late maybe a handful of times and this working in a BUSY CVICU..
  14. RNTwin

    Has The Nursing Shortage Vanished?

    THERE IS STILL NURSING SHORTAGE... what happens is that employers are not hiring as many new grads since it cost to much to put them on a extended orientation or "internship" compared to an experienced nurse.
  15. RNTwin

    The Cost of Dying: End-of-Life Care

    This will never stop!!! people don't no how to let go and accept WE ALL HAVE TO DIE SOME DAY
  16. same thing as viagra, it was just marketed with a different name b/c people felt uncomfortable taking "viagra".