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  1. e2cmarj

    Cypress College Nursing Program

    is LBBC a community college? I was going to apply but I just missed the date for spring 2011. Do you guys recommend any other good community college that offers the RN program? Santa ana and GWC doesn't accpt app anymore since it's so impacted. please help and thanks.
  2. Hi to all, I've finished all the prereq to get into the nursing prog. However, I'm still on the waiting list. I tried to apply to other community college as well. But as I wait, I feel like time is just passing me by when I can be working on my degrees now. I've been looking at transferring to universities/private schools that offer a traditional BSN program(no other degrees required) but so far, tuition fees are just too expensive such as, West coast univ. Any help or advice on what I can do will be really appreciated. In other words, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Thanks a bunch.
  3. e2cmarj

    Loma Linda University

    Hi everyone! I've finished all my prereq for the nursing program and I'm trying to decide which school to transfer to. I've been in the waiting list for the nursing program(RN) for some time now and I've decided I want to go straight for BSN; I don't have any LVN or AA/BS degrees. WEst coast university it too expensive for me. One of the university I'm looking at is Loma Linda University. Can someone give me an information/personal experience about this school? Tuition? length of the regular BS track(I think it's three years?)? Or if you guys have other schools that you recommend here in Cali. Thanks.
  4. e2cmarj

    University of Southern Nevada

    Thanks soo much. That cleared and answer some of the questions I had. Thanks again. :)
  5. e2cmarj

    University of Southern Nevada

    Hi everyone! I've been told that University of Southern Nevada has a traditional BSN program, meaning they don't require you to be in RN or to have other bachelors degree. I've finished most of the prereq: anat, physio, micro, eng., and other major requirements. Can someone give me information about this university such as the personal experience, tuition fees, status of this school, time it takes to get finish this program, advice, and if there are any catch that we should know about. Please and thank you. :)
  6. e2cmarj

    Anyone goes to Concordia University Irvine?

    University of Southern Nevada sounds pretty good. So if you have all the prereq finish, it'll only take you 18months to get your BSN. This doesn't require other bachelors deg. You don't need to be an RN already? you can just jump right into their BSN prog? If that's the case, is there a catch here? Please tell me if I'm getting my informations right. Thanks.
  7. e2cmarj

    Anyone goes to Concordia University Irvine?

    Oh. That helped so much. I didn't know that. Is there any private school you know that offers the traditional BSN program? Something like what west coast offer but a lot cheaper? :) Thanks a bunch!
  8. Hi everyone, I've been trying to find a straight BSN program (no RN or LVN certification) and a lot of people are actually recommending Concordia University. I'm trying to transfer there from a community college. I have completed all the requirements such as the bios: anatomy, physio, and micro, etc. I've been in the waiting list for some time now and planning to transfer. Is there anyone who can give me an info about Concordia Univ such as the years to complete the straight BSN program, the average tuition fees, if they accept transfer credits, experiences there? I was looking at west coast univ and realized the tuition fee is just too much. Any info about Concordia would really help since I'm trying to decide which private school I want go to. Thanks a bunch!
  9. I've completed all the general and major prereq for the nursing. I've been trying to get into the nursing program for some time now, but I have been in the waiting list. I'm trying to transfer to a private school that has straight BSN program. Does anyone know a private school that has that program in California besides west coast university? Thanks in advance