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CSUSM10 is a RN and specializes in ER psych.

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  1. NSO, Proliability. Great prices obviously because they're rarely (if ever) used. Curious if anyone on here has any actual experience where they've had to use the malpractice insurance? What was the experience like?
  2. I have a side job working for a someone (lets call them John) that owns their own company that basically provides a roster of nurses to an ambulance company and they run "Critical Care Transports" with a contract for a large hospital organization, where they pick up sick patients from clinics and bring them to specific hospital ERs or inpatient rooms (repatriation). The ambulance company provides the ambulance, EMTs, iPad for charting. John (the business owner of the nursing company) provides the supplies/medications and the calls/runs for a group of about 30 nurses. As a nurse, I basically give John my schedule and then go to the ambulance station, check out my supplies, and then get calls from their dispatch to meet an ambulance crew somewhere where they pick me up and then we go to a clinic or hospital to pick up a patient and bring them to another hospital. All the jobs are for a large hospital organization, which John (the nurse business owner) has the contract with.  I keep track of all the calls I do and at the end of the month I send John a list of calls, and John pays me as a 1099 employee. John mentioned that we needed to file our business certificate required by the city (San Diego). Some of the nurses are incorporated or have an LLC. I'm curious if this is required/needed? I hold malpractice insurance. I report my income and pay taxes to the IRS. Do I need to incorporate as well for any reason?
  3. CSUSM10

    Arm Positioning For Restraints

    Being an ER (psych) RN, I've had to use physical hard restraints on several patients. There have been cases when we have restrained the patient with one arm above the head and one arm below/down by the waist. What are the pros of doing this versus just restraining both arms below the waist?
  4. CSUSM10

    Checking consciousness by touching the patient?

    "Are you ok Annie...you've been touched by...a smooth criminal!"
  5. CSUSM10

    Letting Public Health Nurse Certificate Lapse...

    It's $300 to renew the PHN, price went up this year.
  6. CSUSM10

    Letting Public Health Nurse Certificate Lapse...

    Is there a penalty for not renewing it and letting it lapse?
  7. I am in the process of renewing my RN license for this 2 year cycle. As of last year, it looks like the PHN Certificate application is now $300. I currently hold this certificate as I was granted it when I initially obtained my RN license. If I choose to let the PHN lapse (due to cost), can I come back later and readd it by just paying the fee? Or will I need to reapply, get transcripts, etc.? Thanks.
  8. The Public Health Nurse Licensure renewal has gone up to $300 in California. I am thinking of not renewing this when I renew my RN license. If I let this lapse, can I renew it in the future without having to do a lot of legwork?
  9. I am a BSN graduate and was thinking of becoming a psych NP. The school I went to for my BSN (Cal State San Marcos) offers two different programs for MSN...Advance Practice Nursing and Post Masters Certification. The hospital I work for (Kaiser) pays 100% for MSN degrees from Capella or Colorado Technical University however the specialty would be Nursing Administration, Nursing Education, Care Coordination, or Nursing Informatics. I'm curious if it may be beneficial for me to do the MSN through Capella or CTU and have it paid for 100% then do the post masters certification in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Cal State San Marcos? Or should I just do the Advance Practice Nursing route with a concentration on PMHNP from the start? Obviously the cost would be about 2x as much going that route and it wouldn't be paid for by my employer. Curious if there are pros/cons to getting the post masters certificate after getting a non NP MSN?
  10. I am an RN working full time in the ER. I want to go back to school in San Diego, CA to get my psych NP (PMHNP) part time. I think I earn too much money for financial aid? I was curious if there are any programs like scholarships, loans, etc. that I can apply for that will help me to pay for graduate school? I plan on working part time in order to pay for living expenses and to keep my "in" at the hospital. I'm not looking for a free-ride, but maybe a loan that I can repay or a grant? Considering I want to get into a highly underserved specialty, I would think there'd be something out there to help. Thanks.
  11. CSUSM10

    As a CRNA, Can You Still Pick Up RN Shifts?

    Another reason I'm wondering is if it took me a while to find a CRNA job, it would be nice to work as an RN to earn income!
  12. I'm curious if, as a CRNA, you are still allowed to pick up bedside shifts as an RN? I know, you might say, why would you want to do that, you make more as a CRNA. But to have variety in work and keep up bedside skills (NGs, foleys, person-to-person interaction, etc.) I think it would be nice if I was able to become a CRNA and then pick up a shift here and there in the ER or ICU. As a CRNA, are you restricted from performing the role of a bedside RN? Thoughts?
  13. CSUSM10

    Curious what the big conferences are for nurses?

    I can't imagine the ICU NTI one being more fun than the ENA conference. For one, it looks like you can do some pretty cool classes (ultrasound iv, codes, disasters, first responder stuff, etc.) in the ENA one. I doubt they'd have that fun stuff in the ICU one. Second, I'd much rather be at a conference with a bunch of wild, crazy, balls to the wall ER nurses than type A, methodical, OCD ICU nurses!!!
  14. I am an ER RN so I know about the ENA conference and the NTI ACCN conference. Curious what other large conferences for nurses are out there? Also curious what the attendance is of these big conferences? Is the ENA conference the largest attended one? Or NTi?
  15. CSUSM10

    Dismissed drug felony in CA.

    Follow up to this post - I've been working as a staff ER Nurse for the past 2 years. No problem getting my license!
  16. I've heard from several (unreliable) sources that if you work at Kaiser and want to become a nurse anesthetist, they will pay for you to go to their school in Fullerton, in exchange for a signed contract that you work for them once school is complete. Can anyone clarify/verify this?

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