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  1. noodles!

    Oh the difference a unifrom can make

    Just to clarify, bank nurse= float nurse, not LPN :)
  2. I was offered a position on my "home" floor where I have worked as a PCT through out school about 3 weeks ago. I accepted even though I do not want to work here as I was not sure I would be able to find another opportunity. My start date is in a week. However, I have been offered a wonderful opportunity at another hospital in a new graduate program that sounds very supportive. Both of these hospitals have the same parent company. Is it terrible to un-accept the position on my "home" floor. I am terrified of angering my manager and of having to call human resources a week before I am scheduled to begin! I am aware that I will most likely never be considered for future opportunities at this hospital and I am ok with that-- I just feel bad only giving one week notice. What are your thoughts?
  3. I have just recently accepted a new grad position on the floor I have been a PCT on for the last 2 years. I am thrilled to have a job and extremely lucky, but not thrilled with the manager and dynamics of the floor. I don't see it as a great environment to learn as a new nurse. There is a huge turnover rate and the negativity at work is astounding. I have been checking the hospital's career website and noted a new nurse position for another area- is it inappropriate to contact HR about the posting or to apply if I have already accepted a position on my "home" floor? I am very interested in this other position and would much rather work there. Thanks!