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  1. Nursing or Teaching?!?!

    Through all of highschool I planned on being a teacher, then a week before I graduated I had a change of heart, and suddenly more than anything I wanted to be a nurse! I'm getting ready to start my second year of community college, I've taken Biology...
  2. How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    haven't received my official grades yet, but am expecting b's in micro and english . hopefully next semester will be better . sooooo happy to be done finally though!! now on to anatomy, nutrition, psych, and anthro in the fall. :)
  3. Haiti nursing experience

    I'm from CA, I'm finishing my second semester of nursing pre-reqs. I traveled to Haiti last June, and was also shocked at how much we take for granted, running water, toilets, air conditioning, clean water, clothes, shoes, food. It was an incredible ...
  4. I passed my first bio test!!!

    I use Campbells biology book also, and did well on my first test:lol2:
  5. anyone looing into palomar college nursing program?

    Okay, great, thanks for the information! The generic program is the basic LVN program...correct? For the generic program do you have to have all of your pre-reqs done before you apply for the waitlist? Does anyone know if Palomar accepts CLEPS and/or...
  6. anyone looing into palomar college nursing program?

    I was on the Palomar college website and it sounded like to me that they just have the program for LVN's to become RN's. Is this true, or I am missing something?? I have just graduated high school and was hoping to go into a LVN program.....I was als...