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  1. Memorial Hermann

    Hi there! I am also in the same boat, relocating to the Houston area for my husbands job from California. I'll have 1 year of ICU experience next month. I'll be living in Pearland so I'm looking at the medical center for jobs as well as some in the S...
  2. If you are not working then GO FOR IT! I did it and received a B in both (very close to A's might i add). It was very challenging but if you prepare yourself for the work load and have good time management it is definitely doable! Keep in mind you wi...
  3. Westcoast University BSN program

    I am currently looking into Westcoast community college and would love to hear feedback in regards to if the program tuition is worth it! I have my associates degree in science with all my pre-reqs completed so it would definitely make a dent in the ...