Westcoast University BSN program

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I am currently looking into Westcoast community college and would love to hear feedback in regards to if the program tuition is worth it! I have my associates degree in science with all my pre-reqs completed so it would definitely make a dent in the 100k+ tuition for the BSN program they offer. ( I hear they have raised tuition since last year? Anyone know?) But is it worth it to be stuck in that debt for 10-20 years?? Should i just wait out the waitlist for a community program? Whats everyones opinion on this topic? I'd appreciate the feedback!

Also, if you attend or did attend this school, how was/is your experience? Do they help you succeed through the program or does it seem to be all about the $$?

Thanks! :nurse:


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In contrast to the ballpark $132,000 tuition figure for WCU, WGU tuition for the two years required for the nursing portion is $17,000, at $4250 every six months.



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I also was looking seriously into West Coast. I took the entrance exam and everything (and passed) but the tuition killed me, I just couldn't do it. I continued to look around with no luck really in finding anything less expensive other than going LVN route instead of RN route. But even LVN route was in the $26,000 dollar range!

Then recently, I stumbled upon WGU and it seemed too good to be true and EXACTLY what I have been looking for in a nursing program. I'll still have to probably take out a loan of some type to get me through it but it ALOT less than WCU, with all the qualities I've been looking for in a good nursing program, so I'm happy.