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  1. EKU DNP program

    I am finding that it is very much a self taught degree. Not much teaching. Anyone else feel this way??
  2. EKU DNP program

    Sometimes I spend forever reading through things over and over before sending them an email because I do not want to look incompetent. I am hoping some of the problem is that I have been out of school for 2 years and just need to get back in the swin...
  3. EKU DNP program

    I just started the DNP program. Currently taking Analytical Methods of EBP. So far I have found some of the directions confusing for the assignments. Any advice on what you thought of this course or if things get better in other courses? Thanks!
  4. EKU DNP program

    I have applied for the DNP program and waiting to hear if I was accepted or not. How is this program going for everyone so far? Any insight on how working on the capstone project has gone?
  5. Study Questions/Practice Exam for WHNP NCC Exam???

    The Kelsey review book has generalized, basic information in my opinion. Do you feel that it provided sufficient knowledge for the exam, or do you think the more in depth info from Fitzgerald was more in line with the exam?
  6. NCC and the WHNP Exam

    Why do you think you should have scheduled sooner? Was it easier/harder than what you thought?! Any pointers? SO nervous!
  7. WHNP test

    I will be taking my exam soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  8. NCC exam

    I will be taking my exam in the next month. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! THanks :)
  9. Study Questions/Practice Exam for WHNP NCC Exam???

    I am waiting to take my NCC exam and have been studying Fitzgerald's online WHNP course. What did you think of the exam, and what would you recommend to use for studying? THanks for any information! :)
  10. NCC and the WHNP Exam

    I recently applied to take my NCC exam, and curious how long it ended up taking to get your approval? Also, what did you think about the difficulty level of the exam? THanks for any information!!!
  11. NELRP 2011

    I was reading the posts from last year and some said when they logged into their NELRP account, the dates next to their loans were updated to dates within the last couple months. for those of you who have received a letter, when you login are your lo...
  12. Frontier School of Midwifery - Class of 82...anyone with me?

    I had 2.5 years of NICU experience. I just got back from Frontier Bound and there were multiple girls with no L&D experience, many ranges of work experience! If this is what you want, apply!! Good luck to you :)
  13. Anyone else apply to Frontier?

    Yes, in about 2 weeks I will be in Kentucky for Frontier Bound, and I am very excited!!! I'm ready to get back into school and cannot wait to get started :)
  14. Anyone else apply to Frontier?

    Nothing yet! They are finishing up this week with the November FB class (according to their Facebook page), so class 84 should be next! Hoping to hear in 1-2 weeks, but we'll see :)
  15. Frontier School of Midwifery - Class of 82...anyone with me?

    Congrats on being accepted to class 82! I am anxiously waiting to hear if I am accepted to class 84 (CNEP). I was wondering who the acceptance email came from and what was in the subject line? I want to make sure I am looking out for it with a close ...