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    Moving to austin july 2017

    Bump still no replies
  2. meriel88

    Moving to austin july 2017

    Hello, I am moving to Austin, TX for my husband's job this summer. He will start around July/August. We are looking to move sometime @ end of June or beginning of July. I am an RN with 6 years PICU experience moving from the New Orleans area. It seems like the consensus is Dell Childrens is the best place to work. Are there any other places I should apply? When should I start applying? Should I look for a potential travel position first? Would ideally like to start @ this end of July or beginning of August.
  3. meriel88


    I havent taken min yet either. Everyone who i've talked to says Hesi is way harder than NCLEX. We took an entrance Hesi Exam but that was basic like and ACT/SAT. There's also others that are little bit different. Then we took another every semester which added on more and more material with the last being on everything we've learned (maternity, peds, med surg, management delegation). Our teachers say this is supposed to be a "predictor test"
  4. I'm a student at a Louisiana University and i graduate in December. I would like to move to Texas and work there. Can I can any advice or on how and when to start this process? Thanks