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  1. ::Goodie::


    Feel free to continue to ask questions - Good luck on your journey!!
  2. ::Goodie::

    All three certs necessary?

    The large healthcare conglomerate (family? goliath? planet?) of hospitals that I work for requires all three scopes currently, regardless that "Continence" is rarely used in our acute care setting. Some nurses have been grandfathered in that only have W or O, but when they look for replacements or additional staff, ...all three are needed. They also don't post that they need to be "Certified", BUT I've had a manager tell me it's because as a company, it's because they do not care to supplement/tuition match, so the interview algorithm they use weeds out everything that doesn't specify CWOCN. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. Continence? It's more useful in my personal life among my perimenopausal friends! j/k - but the Urology department thinks it's awesome - like, "Oh, LOOK! A unicorn!!"! Best of luck - my Emory education experience was terrific.
  3. ::Goodie::

    Littmann color question

    i'm crushin' on the orange, too.... i've heard it's one of the colors that won't grow legs!!! and i *like* orange. we wear whites and have a dark green arm patch... so i'm thinking "personality" is a plus.
  4. ::Goodie::

    Inspiration for the Older Student

    From another one of us who's doin' it "Old School"... it is SO SATISFYING to go back to school and have what it takes (the desire, the drive, the passion) to suit up and show up and succeed. Seriously, I might have another degree in something ENTIRELY unrelated, but my satisfaction and my ability to commit are very high. I am very excited to be on this path. Best of luck to all!
  5. ::Goodie::

    Happy Moment in the ICU

    You are all angels on Earth. Wow. Just WOW.
  6. ::Goodie::

    RODP Micro Biology ?

    I'm so glad you asked this question. I need to take this next summer. I took A&P 1&2 in mini-mesters over the summer and it was intense, but the schedule doesn't work for me to take Micro IRL during summer - so RODP or Nashville State it is.... I'll be watching this thread for further info! THANKS.
  7. ::Goodie::

    BSN to MSN

    There are several direct entry programs available - even nurse residency programs as well, allowing you to work and continue your education, often with tuition assistance. There are many, many ways from point A to Z, and every point in between! HTH
  8. ::Goodie::

    Vanderbilt Bridge Program: Can I take GRE without a BSN?

    Absolutely. The GRE assesses your suitability for graduate studies (so you should be able to take this at any time) and Vanderbilt relies heavily on this score (as well as pre-reqs, gpa, professional recommendations...) A BSN isn't required, and is not required for their Bridge program. I don't think they call it a Bridge Program anymore, but are calling it "Direct Entry" - tho' the term "Bridge" speaks volumes and I think more folks understand what you're talking about. I attended their orientation a few weeks ago and learned a lot - they are very helpful through calls (if not emails, which in initial inquiries tends towards "form" style responses). They will send you lots of information as well if you volunteer that info. The orientation was terrific - informative and inspirational. Direct Entry (college degree in field other than nursing) is 6 semesters; RN w/Associate's degree or hospital diploma + 78 transfer credits is 5 semesters; BSN degree to MSN is 3 semesters. The real question is how much $ you'd like to spend and how much time do you (not) have. Each year approximately equates to $44K +. HTH
  9. ::Goodie::

    Robot Nurse

    This makes me think these should be the nurses in correctional facilities (re: the nurse who was killed in Contra Costa)... except WITHOUT THE SKIN. Let's give the BAD guys the nightmares. And then if they mess with it, nobody dies and we can charge them with property damage.
  10. ::Goodie::

    What a week!#$%$! But I'm still sober = )

    Hugs to you - "Life on Life's Terms" can really, really suck. (And I hate that word, but couldn't find one that fit any better) It ain't all unicorns and glitter, is it? When I consider that I used to drink for the stupidest reasons - failed a test? yep!; got an A+ on a test? Yep!; Lose the boyfriend? Get a boyfriend? Yep....yep..., I think when we have weeks (sometimes months and years, it seems, unfortunately) like the one you've had - the VICTORY of not taking that first drink or drug is HUGE. Way to work a program. Be sure to honestly share with others what kind of week you've had and how you stayed sober, and present, through it all. Your experience, strength and hope through these tough times will surely help many others see they can also live life on life's terms without picking up. We can do AMAZING things when we're sober. Good for you!
  11. ::Goodie::

    Warning about Columbia State.

    I got my letter of acceptance yesterday for Spring 2011 - I'm thrilled! FWIW, I have a BA in Art, Sociology minor; 24 ACT; 3.87 GPA - my A&P 1 & 2 grades were As. Good luck to all... and I have to say, this thread began - and addressed a problem which was rectified - over a year ago. The reputation this CC enjoys is hard earned and very well respected in the workplace. Again - I'm thrilled to have been accepted.
  12. ::Goodie::

    People think you are rich because you are a nurse

    I think this is very sage advice. And... difficult to do, but verrrry effective: If you want someone to stop bugging you for money (especially while they still owe you money!), ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK. Each and every time they call you, you should ask, "Oh, I need my money back." .... "That's great - I need my money back." ...."I need my money back - when should I stop by?" GUARRANTEED to make them STOP CALLING YOU. You might have to resign yourself to having lost the monies owed you so far because those people will evaporate... but in going forward, your answer should be : "Oh, I don't have that right now." Of course, the short answer is simply, "No." which IS a complete sentence, but often very difficult to utter. I'm thinking your thread title could have been more appropriately entitled: "People think I'm rich and will give them money, because I am a tenderhearted, soft touch." Good luck - Your money should be enjoyed by YOU.
  13. ::Goodie::

    Ancient nursing symbols

    I think Saint Brigid is the patron saint of midwives, etc... I've seen a Nurse/Midwife with the cross of Saint Brigid tattooed on her wrist. HTH **Just noticed how old this thread is - bumping for an update, perhaps? ;-D
  14. ::Goodie::

    Pinning Last Night, Commencement Walk Tomorrow

    Congratulations and Best Wishes!
  15. ::Goodie::

    CSCC Nursing School Uniform

    I know it's been a few days, but I went into the Book Store yesterday to sell back my books and took a look at the shelves. I'm not sure about the uniform information, but what I *did* see were double belled stethoscopes in the $30 price range. The only other equipment (it was a GHOST TOWN IN THERE!) were goggles. +/- $14. HTH Quick addition - I remember a reference to uniform NOT resembling scrubs in any way; the pants should be either elastic waist or zippered (no drawstring); tops to be zippered or snapped; shoes all leather/covered (no mesh) and socks that cover your ankle. Again, HTH. ~::Goodie::