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  1. FNP2B1

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I recently received a published form from the State of Florida showing that ARNPs increased 22% over the past two years. RNs only increased by 7.4% If you are a new grad wondering why you can't find a position here is your answer. Our NP mills have pumped out too many graduates for the demand of society. I don't have the data to back it up but if this is happening in Florida I would assume it is happening around the nation. I'm licensed in Florida but moved to California years ago because I could see the tsunami of new graduates slowly starting to erode the wages of established NPs. It's now happening here in California and I have been directly affected. I can count at least another dozen of my NP colleagues around the nation who are complaining of wage deflation happening because new grads will accept a position at almost any wage. Starting wages are below those for RNs in some cases. For those of you thinking of becoming a NP think and long and hard before you commit your money and your time. The job is enjoyable but the return on investment is declining year after the year with the flooding of the markets. Maybe one day the leaders of our nursing schools will open a book on economics and understand the relationship between supply and demand rather than stuff another useless nursing theory down our throats.
  2. That the patient is my ex wife. 3 years with that byeotch was enough.
  3. It's raining phlegm, hallelujah, it's raining phelgm, amen♫ I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get Absolutely soaking wet ♫
  4. Free doughnuts in the break room!
  5. Floor nursing is hell. Doesn't matter where you work, it sucks. You have the right idea. Get your CRNA or NP and be on your own. It is worth the extra effort and work.
  6. FNP2B1

    Lack of DEA# when working in the hospital (ED)

    State of California makes you work with a physician for six months before they will give you a "furnishing number".
  7. FNP2B1


    Hey Spode, Don't let dropping of anesthesia school get you down. I did the same thing. Best decision I ever made career wise. I was halfway through my program and just hated it. The surgeons were *******s with the exception of a few. Half of the anesthesia providers I trained with were cordial the other half were lacking a personality. I am a people person and knew sitting next to the machine was not for me. I only went into anesthesia for the money. Fast forward one year and I am almost done with my FNP. I have been training with a cosmetic dermatology group learning laser hair removal, botox/dysport, fillers and laser resurfacing. I was offered a job starting out at more than my friends who are just finishing anesthesia school. I will work 5 days a week 9 to 5 but it is all low stress with happy patients for the most part. There is life after anesthesia school. Don't let it get you down. The other neonatal nurse practitioner who I work with also got halfway through anesthesia school and decided it wasn't for him. He got trained in aesthetics in well and couldn't be happier. Bottom line, there is life and a lot of money to be made outside of the anesthesia world. Hang in there!
  8. FNP2B1

    What type of a chance do I have of acceptance? :)

    2.8 is not competitive. Get your GPA up and get over a 1200 on the GRE before you consider applying.
  9. FNP2B1

    disorderly conduct get me kicked out of school?

    If you lie on that form and get caught.....I guarantee that you will get kicked out. Be honest. If you lie now, what would prevent you from telling a lie on an anesthesia OR record? That is what the admissions committee will be thinking.
  10. FNP2B1

    ANP vs. FNP - who gets hired?

    I hated the same things you did and felt the weight gain as well. Since I've been doing FNP clinical work I'm in great shape, happy and look forward to every day that I'm working. Anesthesia was just a totally miserable experience for me. I know FNPs who do medspa work that make as much as CRNAs. You were right though.....money isnt everything and doing anesthesia for sure didnt make me happy. Glad to see another gas passer on here who switched from the dark side!
  11. FNP2B1

    ANP vs. FNP - who gets hired?

    If you are in So Cal I would suggest FNP. I've been looking at the job listings too and see FNP everywhere but rarely see listing for AHNP. FNPgrad...how do you like going from anesthesia to primary care? I was halfway through my CRNA training and switched over to the FNP track as I wasn't enjoying being in the OR all day. I'm planning on doing derm/aesthetics once I graduate. I like the 8 to 5 schedule of being a FNP compared to the 0500 to whenever schedule of the CRNA.
  12. FNP2B1

    To all you New Grad NPs

    Where are you located in California? I am assuming So Cal is more difficult for finding a FNP job that Nor Cal.
  13. FNP2B1

    Do I really want to become a CRNA?

    Depends where you live in the US. In Miami/Ft Lauderdale, Sheridan....a big provider of anesthesia services starts fresh grads off at $130k. This will likely go down in the near future as more AAs are being pumped out of the local universities and saturating the market. New grads in the Atlanta, GA area are starting out at $95k to $100k. They have already felt the effect of a flood of AAs saturating the market. You can always check out GasWork.com - The Largest and Most Comprehensive Anesthesia Employment Resource Since 1996 to check on jobs and pay rates for CRNAs in your local area. Make sure you read the ads carefully though....many of those high paying jobs want a couple of years of experience. They also want you to be totally INDEPENDENT and able to insert A lines, CVLs and be able to perform peripheral nerve blocks.
  14. FNP2B1

    Difficulty intubating...

    Once the blade is in make sure that tongue is really out of the way. That seems to be a major problem for beginners. After that lift up.....when I say that....lift their head off of the bed if it helps you see the cords. This works 97% of the time in my experience.
  15. FNP2B1

    CRNA vs FNP

    I was a former SRNA who left after the first year of anesthesia school to work on my FNP degree. I went into anesthesia for the money, nothing more and nothing less. The love of lots of money was not enough to keep me in the program. I did great, 3.96 GPA but just didn't like the stress of the OR. I'm much happier in the FNP clinic environment.