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  1. Would you answer this ad?

    I think I would definately check it out no matter how hard it is to believe. If you do check it out and it is true, let me know OK. Iwould like to apply myself !!!
  2. Tell us about your computer system

    We use the Hewlitt Packard Carevue system in our critical care units. It is user friendly, downloads info from the monitors which can be accepted as is or changed, can be added to by the nurses as in new screens, and we have mega support when needed....
  3. Critical Care Staffing Patterns

    Our hopital would not staff with only one RN. Not even if there is only one patient. A suggestion would be to move the patient out into a stepdown unit with one nurse at the bedside and other RN's equally qualified to care for the patient. All of ou...
  4. nurse/pt ratio

    OUCH !!! I am a manager and care very much about staffing. WE STILL are staffed 2:1 with 1:1 for IABP patients. Yes, budgets are something we need to look at and be careful with, however, not at the expense of patient care. Our CEO is adamant about p...
  5. cardiac RN training/internships

    WE have a preceptor/internship program. It is 16-20 weeks. Must commit to a total of 2 yrs. Northwest NJ hospital system. New grads welcome. Joanne