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    Staffing Shortages in HealthCare

    mmc51264 I am in your same situation. My ADN program ran their nursing program much like yours. We had clinical 3 days a week or more, as well, as went to lectures and labs. I was basically in school/Clinicals Monday-Friday all day long and also had 12 hour clinical days. I have be fortunate to do all the skills taught in lab out in clinicals, at least more than once each, and some I've lost count. I'm very comfortable in a hospital setting with patients and confident skill wise. I finished school in September and took boards in October and still currently pursuing work. 140 applications later, my app status' to every position at every hospital I applied to has put that i have 'insufficient' experience. I have had 2 phone calls from two agencies saying I needed experience and then went to an interview at a hospital, just to be told I'm inexperienced. I actually have an interview for a doc office today and tomorrow one at a nursing home. It is frustrating to spend so much time putting in applications after applications with no success. I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed.
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    Nursing layoffs or difficulty getting jobs? 2011 wages?

    I'm from Greenville, SC. I have applied to over 130 jobs. Have had 1 interview over a month ago, 2 phone calls telling me I need more experience, and 2 interviews planned this week. I checked my app status' on web sites and for the local hospitals around here and they ALL say insufficient experience. I don't know what else to do. I need a job.
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    Nursing layoffs or difficulty getting jobs? 2011 wages?

    Thank you for giving me some hope. I have continued to put in more and more applications since my last post. I'm really hoping I get called soon.
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    Nursing layoffs or difficulty getting jobs? 2011 wages?

    I am a new grad. Graduated in September and took my boards in early early October. I'm from SC and nurses are a dime a dozen... there is no demand for them here, especially in my area. They want nurses with more than a year and I have even seen two-five years of experience. Hospitals are having a blast picking who they want and its not new grads. I'm sure they put my resume and app right to the side when they get see it, because I'm a new grad. I have applied to 40 jobs, so far, and not one interview. I would definitely move somewhere that really needed nurses, if those places still existed somewhere. Problem is, I'm a single mom of a 5yo son. I'm considering going back to bakeries to do cake decorating while I look for a RN job, just to have some cash flow. Those student loans will want that money soon. Its a sad case, and I loved clinicals and practicum. I'm just going to have to keep trying to get in somewhere.
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    Is it hard getting into Greenville Tech?

    I am currently in the GTC Nursing Program. I am going for RN. I had 54 points. My GPA was a 3.9. My head is spinning and I rarely have me time. I have 1 more year left in the program and I'm already starting to count down.

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